How to write an award winning resume

Want to hire a professional to write your resume? Do you think it will get you better jobs if it looks “better” or more “professional”? Stop right there! Resumes need to be written in an easy to skim format, they should only include skills and work relevant to the job and should have up to date contact information. These are things you can do yourself! These professional writers will create resumes you love but these resumes will have the same effect as the last one.

Now what can you do to catch the eye of the recruiter?

1. Tailor your resume to the job you are applying for. Resumes are not one size fit all. The need to be specific. Yes that means throwing out the 8 years janitorial work when applying for the job of a customer service representative.

2. Resume should be easy to skim, a recruiter should be able to see skills and experience with a five second scan of your resume.

3. No longer than one page. This is the one time quantity is not better. Less is more.

4. Use key words relevant to your field.

5. Write only skills relevant to the job. Job applying for Data entry clerk, skill expert yodeler.

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