How to make a hydrating DIY face mist at home

In this article, we share a simple formula for how to make a hydrating DIY face mist at home to keep your skin feeling and looking fresh at all times.

When a lot of people hear facial mists, what comes to mind mainly is scented water, but face mists are more than that.

Having a face mist is great for providing hydration, oil control, and even setting makeup – they are known to be one of the most versatile beauty products to have been invented.

Facial mists are water-based products that produce a fine mist when applied with a spray bottle or atomizer.

It is important to note that yes, face mists are made primarily for hydration, but they also contain moisturising, anti-inflammatory and even skin renewal properties that instantly improve how the skin looks and feels.

This recipe is a great choice for creating your very own budget-friendly hydrating DIY face mist at home.

In case you are wondering when and how to apply the face mist, here’s how below:

This mist can be applied at any time throughout the day, both under and on top of makeup. It can also be applied as a refresher spray or to soothe the skin if it is irritated or dry.

This recipe uses chamomile which is very soothing for the skin. It also contains concentrated aloe vera, rose & manuka honey floral waters to instantly help revitalize dry and dull skin.

Without wasting any more time, here is the recipe below:

Recipe for how to make a hydrating DIY face mist at home

This recipe can make about 200 grams of face mist.

  • 106g Water
  • 4g Glycerine
  • 20g Aloe Vera Concentrate
  • 20g Orange Floral Water
  • 20g Chamomile Hydrosol
  • 20g Rose Floral Water
  • 10g Manuka Honey Floral Water
  • 2g Preservative Eco


Please follow the short but detailed process for how to make a hydrating DIY face mist at home

  1. First of all, in a container, measure out all your ingredients: water, glycerine, aloe vera, orange, chamomile, rose & manuka honey hydrosols, and preservative.
  2. Next, use a whisk to mix thoroughly to make sure everything is well incorporated. Allow it sit until the bubbles subside to leave a crystal clear liquid.
  3. Finally, pour out the mixture into a spray or mist bottle.

Your hydrating DIY face mist is ready to be used.

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