How to make Ankara Star Cake

Ankara is a popular African fabric that comes in a variety of designs and colours. Apart from using it to create beautiful attires, Nigerians have also found several other uses for Ankara. Thus, the fabric is now used to make bags, shoes, earrings, knuckle rings and the like. You can learn how to make these things on Elistatus for free.

However, apart from our everyday accessories, the Ankara culture has also permeated the confectionaries world.  Today, we will be teaching you how to decorate your cake with the unique Ankara star design. Learn useful skills that you can use to make money for free on Elistatus.


  • Rolling pin
  • Blade
  • Edible marker/ colour paste
  • Brush (optional)
  • Fondant icing (Green, pink, dark blue and White)
  • Star cutters
  • Metre rule
  • Fondant loops bows
  • Candy sticks
  • Already baked Cake
  • Cake board


  • Make the dry fondant panels for the sides of the cake.  Roll out the fondant on a flat surface and allow it to dry for about an hour.
  • Using a sharp blade, cut out a large rectangle from the flattened fondant. The rectangle must have straight and even sides.
  • Using an edible marker, draw wavy, horizontal lines on the rectangularly shaped fondant. The marker must be dark blue in colour. If you do not have an edible marker, you can make use of colour paste. Simply draw the lines using a thin, pointed brush.
  • Cut out two long and thin strips from the white fondant. Stick them to the top and bottom of the rectangular fondant.
  • Using the edible marker, write the brand of Ankara on the white fondant strips.
  • Roll out the pink and dark blue fondant on a flat surface.
  • Using the star cutters, cut the fondants into stars of varying sizes.
  • Join each pink star to a larger dark star.
  • Randomly stick the stars on the rectangular fondant. At this point, your fondant should look like an Ankara star fabric material.
  • Using the blade and the metre rule, cut the rectangular fondant into 16 smaller panel strips. Each panel should be long and straight-edged.
  • Next, make the toppers. Stick a few of your fondant stars into the candy sticks and fondant loops.
  • Drape the cake completely in white fondant.
  • Cover the top of the cake with teal-coloured fondant. Stick the cake to the cake board.
  • One after the other, completely cover the sides of the cake by sticking the dry fondant panel strips to the sides of the cake. Each panel strip should overlap the other by half an inch.
  • Finally, fix the toppers on the cake.

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