How to Make Coconut Candy

How to Make Coconut Candy

Coconut candy is a popular snack that is sold in different parts of the country. The snack is loved for its unique and mouth-watering taste. Coconut candy production is not a herculean task and does not require many ingredients. The most important ingredient is the raw coconut and this is not difficult to get. Coconut candy is a go-to snack for children; most especially. Learn how to prepare this delicious snack for free on Elistatus. You can market and sell your homemade coconut candy online and make a lot of money from doing that.


1 fresh coconut

200 grams of icing sugar (Granulated sugar)







Cooking Spoon


First, break the coconut carefully. Pour the coconut juice into a small bowl.

Next, remove the meat from the coconut shell. Grate the coconut meat into long, thin pieces. Ensure that you grate along the coconut meat rather than across it. If you do the latter, the coconut will not come out in long, thin pieces.

Pour the coconut juice (coconut water) into the small pot.

Pour the icing sugar into the pan containing the grated coconut flesh. Stir it until the sugar melts totally.

Pour the grated coconut flesh into the pot containing the melted sugar solution.

Add a little water to prevent the grated coconut flesh from burning.

Cover the pot or pan and allow the mixture to cook for a few minutes.

Once the contents start to boil, stir the mixture thoroughly until all the water evaporates.

Reduce the heat and continue to stir the coconut candy. At this point, sugar caramelizing should begin to happen. This is when the coconut strands start to stick together.

Stir the mixture until it turns to a brownish colour Remove the pot from the light completely and allow it to cool.  


Coconut Candy can be served as a dessert or eating as a snack. You can enjoy it with any fruit juice or beverage of your choice.

You can also make your coconut candy with honey. Coconut candy made with honey is usually healthier; especially for elderly persons and persons who are diabetic. Here’s how to make your coconut candy with honey:


300 grams of coconut flakes

200 grams of peanut butter


1 tablespoon of Vanilla


Mix the coconut flakes with the peanut butter, vanilla and honey.

Stir the mixture very well.

Mould the mixture into small, sticky balls.

Put the coconut candy balls in the fridge and allow them to cool.

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