How to make Hats

Hat making is a very lucrative skill in Nigeria. Many women; especially the Christians, wear hats as part of their attires for church on Sunday. Outside religious gatherings, hats are also worn to high profile social events like birthdays and weddings.

There are different types of hats that can be made. This includes: Paper straw hat, crochet hat, felt hat and so on. However, the basic procedures for each of these hats are relatively the same.

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  • Petroleum Jelly
  • Stiffener
  • Petercham
  • Hat moulds
  • Paintbrush
  • Base Component Materials
  • Moulding bag
  • Moulding pan
  • Hat wire
  • Cutter and Pliers
  • Scissors
  • Band
  • Glue
  • Measuring tape
  • Chalk/marker/pen/pencil
  • Needle and thread
  • Moulding desk/table
  • Dylon/colouring dye
  • Hand turner
  • Iron
  • Accessories


First, cut out 36 inches of the base material. Cut this material into two equal parts. Fold the halves in two.

Dampening the material with water. After doing this, straighten the material by ironing it.

Dissolve the stiffener in water to form a light paste. Using the paintbrush, apply the diluted stiffener on the base material. Remove the stiffener bubbles formed within the materials by placing the material between your palms and ‘clapping’ out the bubbles.

Wrap the hat moulds with moulding bags. Lubricate the outer surface of the bags with the Petroleum Jelly. This will help to reduce the friction between the hat material and the moulding bag.

Place the material on the moulding block; secure it firmly with the moulding pins and hammer. This is the procedure for moulding the brim and crown.

Next, dry the materials under moderate temperature.

When the materials are dry, remove it from the mould. Trim off the rough edges. Apply a little glue around the notched area around the crown. Carefully, attach the brim to the crown. This will form the main framework of the hat.

Insert the hat wire into the brim of the hat using a needle and thread.  Using the petercham, neatly cover the wired edges of the hat.

Firmly secure the band to the already made hat using the glue. Attach a few handmade accessories to the end of the band to make the hat more attractive.

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