How to excel as a telemarketer and make sales

In this post, we share some helpful tips for how to excel as a telemarketer and make sales in the business world. These tips will help increase publicity and boost profit.

Different businesses engage in telemarketing in some way or the other to make their products or services available for potential customers.

Telemarketing is simply the process of directly advertising goods or services by means of telephone calls, internet, or fax to potential customers. Another term for telemarketing is “telesales” or “inside sales.”

It is important to have the ability to verbally convince potential customers to patronize your business. Every business should ensure that their sales representatives are well endowed with some form of telemarketing skills to help boost sales.

Here are some tips for how to excel as a telemarketer and make sales

  • Have a plan

The first and most important step when it comes to telemarketing is to have a plan. Develop a plan for how you would advertise and what you hope to achieve through your telemarketing.

  • Have a script

It is crucial to be very knowledgeable about what you are selling in order to answer questions. No one would like to listen to a telemarketer who doesn’t have sufficient knowledge of what they’re selling or can’t answer important questions. Therefore, it is very vital to have a script to follow that directs you on what to say, potential questions that may come up, and detailed information about what you are selling.

  • Speak slowly and clearly

Listening to a telemarketer who talks too fast and doesn’t speak clearly can be very frustrating.  To be a good telemarketer, ensure that you speak as slowly and clearly as possible. Pronounce your words clearly and work with the pace of your potential or existing customer when talking on the phone.

  • Be resilient and be ready to handle rejection

Rejection will always come from time to time in marketing. Try not to allow the rejection to get to you so that it doesn’t affect your next attempt with another customer. Once you face rejection from a customer, accept that it is normal, look at perhaps where you may have made mistakes in your communication and try to correct that with the next customer. Don’t dwell on rejection, learn from it and move on.

  • Always take action after any call

This is a very important step in telemarketing. Don’t end a call and relax, take action! If you are meant to place an order, while on-call or immediately after the call, ensure you do it immediately. Don’t procrastinate, customers love telemarketers who take action.

  • Always end a call politely no matter how the potential client responded

Finally, remain polite at all times no matter how a customer responds to you. When marketing a product or service, you must never allow emotions to get in the way, maintain a high level of professionalism and be polite always. Most importantly, when ending a call, end with a polite remark, no matter how the call ended.

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