So how can we protect your websites from hackers?

No, I am not selling a service, I am showing you for FREE how you can protect your websites from hackers.

So let’s start from the beginning. The worst thing happened today, my website, this website, was down due to spam link injections that directed my website to multiple gambling websites. It was annoying and the worst part is that I never knew about it until today. So today let us get into how to protect your websites from hackers. I had just moved from Hostgator to whogohost because this website was using up a lot of resources and I did not know why.

This was why I had used sitelock to scan my website expecting that their protection meant I would not have to personally secure my website. (Ok so I was being lazy :p and did not want to do it). Site lock had not picked up on the intrusion but I had(when I scanned my website for backlinks) and I discovered many gambling websites pointing to posts I did not create (Click here to scan your website too).

So it was time to get serious.

“Game on!” I screamed as I laid on my bed eating a cheeseburger 😀

Anyways… These are five tips on how you can keep those pesky hackers out.


Tips on how to protect your websites from hackers.

  1. Use Cloudflare, it offers free protection and points to your server. All you have to do is change your name server. Once it’s updated you can block bots and protect yourself from DDOS attacks. It is a great way to protect your websites from hackers.
  2. Limit all login attempts to not more than 3 and set 24 hours (or more) days interval between each attempt. This helps to keep those pesky bots and hackers away.
  3. Change the WP-LOGIN page to something else. Don’t share it and keep it to yourself and only give people you trust the URL
  4. Install a strong firewall that will keep bots and hackers who try specific links away. I have specific links if you try, you are insta-blocked :p
  5. Install Malware remover and scanner. 

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