Learn how to keep your laptop from overheating with Elistatus.

We all hate when our laptops get hot and start overheating. Not only can it destroy the computer (causing us to lose valuable information), it is expensive to fix and we can’t trust anyone at computer village.

These are the top five tips on how to keep your laptop from overheating.

Step 1

Do not put your laptop on cushions, beds or clothes when it is switched on. It doesn’t help let natural air flow occur because your laptop sinks into the soft material. This may cover the place where your laptop fan expels the heat. A lot of people are fond of doing this and it has led to a lot of people spoiling their laptops.

Step 2

You know those plastic covers for keyboards? They make your computer hot! If you need to use that, I suggest you get a cooling fan for your computer.

Step 3

Sleep and hibernate do not equal shutdown! Yes, I made that mistake too. Now my SHIFT + C no longer capitalize the C on my computer.  I learned the hard way that Sleep is not as good as shutdown. Shutdown allows your computer to cool down and rest. Think of it as you letting your computer rest.

Step 4

Ensure you switch off your laptop when putting it in a bag. With this Nigerian heat, you do not want to switch off the computer? Why?  Are the two of you fighting? It is better to switch off the computer so the airflow doesn’t get covered.

step 5

Clean your air vents. Think of your fan at home, doesn’t it get dirty? If yes, then think of what your computer air vent must look like after 3 years of use!  Clean it so nothing obstructs the free passage of air.


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