Answering  job interview questions properly to get your dream job  is something that must never be taken for granted. It all boils down to knowing what to say and how to say it. These questions during interview sessions should not rattle you. Be calm and collected to gather your ideas and thoughts, presenting them as clearly as possible. Fast-thinking candidates impress the interviewer with the responses they give.


“Tell Me About Yourself”

This question is an indirect request to grade your performance. This particular question is the most frequently asked question at any job interview, yet it throws people off guard. What you basically need is to summarize the information related to the position you are seeking for. The interviewer does not need your autobiography or details about your personal life. You need to tell him as quickly as possible about yourself concerning the job.


“Why Should We Hire You?”

The person interviewing you wants to know if you would be a better option as opposed to someone else . Take note; other people want the job too. All you need do is to tell the employer about your professional abilities. Prove your worth and make the employer see why you should be hired.


Salary Questions

A question about what salary you’d like to be paid can be asked at some interviews. Requesting for a more or less salary could make you eliminated from the group of candidates requesting to have the job. For this type of question, it’s best to delay answering this question until the interviewer probably gives an idea of what the company will offer. If that doesn’t work, you could ask for the salary range to understand better what to request.


“Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?”

Sometimes, it is not comfortable discussing what made you leave your last job. For a question like this, honesty is key. If it was due to a bad encounter, say it truthfully and don’t dwell on the issue—answer by focusing on the positive side of you getting a new job. You could give answers given your intention to explore the new aspect of the industry. Speak positively about your past employers, no matter how rough your experience was with them.


“Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?”

To answer this question, there should be a balance between you being ambitious and desiring to work in the company for a long period of time. Don’t give responses that make them think you have no plans of working in the company for long. You could answer by telling them you also want to contribute to the success, growth, and progress of the company.


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