How to make DIY leave-in conditioning spray

In this post, we share a simple cosmetic formula for how to make DIY leave-in conditioning spray at home using ingredients that are quite easy to acquire.

This is a good and effective leave-in conditioning spray that is guaranteed to keep your hair hydrated and moisturized every day.

It is a perfect hair product to have that will help hydrate your hair and scalp despite the hair style you may have on. You can put the product in your handbag and use it easily and conveniently no matter where you are.

How to use the DIY leave-in conditioning spray

One of the ways to use this DIY leave-in conditioning spray is by applying to freshly washed wet hair.

Once your hair has been washed, apply the spray all over the hair and comb through before adding your usual oil followed by moisturizing hair cream.

Consequently, if your hair begins to show signs of dryness in different areas, simply spray the hair conditioning spray evenly across the hair. It is also advisable to massage the product into your scalp using your hands for the product to deeply penetrate the hair and scalp.

Are you constantly on the go?  Don’t leave home without this leave-in conditioning spray in a travel-sized bottle. It’s perfect to place in your bag or purse and give your hair a little spritz when you feel like your hair and scalp is getting dry.

Recipe for how to make DIY leave-in conditioning spray

This recipe can produce up to 100 ml of leave-in hair conditioning spray.

Water Phase
  • 86g Rose & Hibiscus Hydrosol (Floral Waters)
  • 2g Glycerine
  • 1g Essential oils: Geranium, Grapefruit
Oil Phase
  • 5g Shea Butter
  • 5g Jojoba Oil
  • 2g Emulsifying Wax
Cool Down
  • 1g Preservative Eco
  • 1g Vitamin E


  1. The first step is to measure out your water phase ingredients: distilled or floral water & glycerine, and your oil phase ingredients: shea butter, jojoba oil & emulsifying wax
  2. Next, heat both phases in separate heatproof glasses over low heat. You can use the double boiler method.
  3. Once the oil phase has completely melted, pour the oil phase into your water phase, and whisk until well incorporated.
  4. Set the mixture aside to cool slightly and use an immersion blender to mix the leave-in conditioner until it emulsifies.
  5. At this point, you can add any preservative of choice, antioxidant, and fragrance. You can use a natural preservative at 1% of my total conditioning spray but follow your respective guidelines
  6. Finally, whisk the mixture either by hand or using a blender to ensure that all the oils are perfectly combined.
  7. Store the leave-in conditioner in a spray bottle or a traditional pump bottle, whichever you prefer.

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