The holidays are a time for lots of travels; these trips vary in terms of distance and purpose. Many do not have the skill required to prepare for packing their luggage. Here are five (5) easy steps to guide your packing for any trip:

Item Listing

However short you intend staying at your destination, it is important you make a list of things you envisage will be needed during your trip. By doing this, you will avoid forgetting important items. This tip also saves time and energy because it ensures you have everything you need in time without worry. If you do not have an item on the list, you can easily buy the item.

Fold or Roll

Depending on what makes up the bulk of your belongings, you can either fold or roll your clothes. While folding remains the best way to pack clothing items, as it ensures that so many of these can be stacked together, one on another, and clothes creases are not lost. Rolling clothes in tube shapes save a lot of space in traveling bags and boxes. So depending on the amount of space available in your bag and the number and/or size of your belongings, a preference can be made.

Use Compressible Bags

It provides a lot of space, especially if you are packing a lot for the expedition. The beauty of these bags are also in the several smaller pockets and compartments that they often have; it’s also usually water-proof.

Multi-Purpose Items

Kits that can serve two or more purpose are useful while on a trip so that shorts can turn into trousers, blouses into gowns, bedcovers into blankets, etc. Shoes that can serve multiple functions and be worn in many occasions also come in handy; an example is the sneakers, it is appropriate for sport, house party, beach or just a walk!

Arrange In Order

It can be quite frustrating not to easily locate things from your traveling bag, so I’d say, arrange in order. If possible separate items, pieces of jewelry from clothes, makeup from beddings… Also, aligning in layers and in different compartments keep items in good condition and they can be easily located.

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