How to pitch your business to investors for funding

Elistatus presents a highly enlightening article on how to pitch your business to investors for funding aimed at helping you get funding from investors.

First of all, what is pitching in business? Pitching in business involves presenting business ideas to one or a group of individuals with the sole intent of getting them interested in your product or service.

For example, you may pitch your startup business idea to potential investors or your products to potential customers who appear to fit your market niche.

The result of effectively pitching your business idea is that you can motivate and persuade your audience to follow your idea and bring it to life.

Based on that context, it is crucial as a business owner or entrepreneur,  that you learn the proper way to pitch your business idea to potential investors.

You may not always get investors to accept your idea but there are certain rules that one must follow to reduce the number of rejections you may get.

When you are able to get your potential investor or customer interested, you can rest assured that your business will be funded.

Here are a few steps to follow for how to pitch your business to investors for funding

  • Be time conscious, don’t spend so much time during your presentation to avoid losing the interest of the potential investor.
  • Turn your pitch into a story. Storytelling is a great way to keep people interested in what you’re saying.
  • Focus on core components of your pitch such as: what is unique about your product or service, your target audience, how you intend to get the customers, revenue model, etc.
  • Be very enthusiastic and maintain a positive attitude when presenting.
  • Ensure you are properly dressed.
  • Practice your pitch before presenting.
  • Anticipate questions and have answers to them ahead of time.
  • Ensure your exit strategy clearly explains how the investor will make money within a reasonable period of time.

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