This delicacy will definitely make you keep begging for more. Edikaikong is a delicious Nigerian delicacy that originated from Akwa Ibom state. The soup is usually prepared using a number of vegetables and natural ingredients. This gives it a very natural and unique taste. It also makes it a very healthy and nourishing meal. Edikaikong soup is a very good meal for persons recovering from bouts of illnesses; that is, convalescents.

Edikaikong is usually served at traditional weddings and other social events. It is also served at special family occasions or when the family and/or just choose to have a swell time. Learn how to prepare this delicacy for free on Elistatus.


6-8 pieces of meat (Goat or cow meat)

1 kilogram of pumpkin leaves

500 grams of water leaves

600 grams of kanda and shaki

1 cooking spoon of ground crayfish

Habanero pepper

200 millilitres of palm oil

2 pieces of dried fish

1 cup of periwinkles

2 medium-sized onions

Seasoning powder


Wash the pumpkin leaves and the water leaves very well. Chop the leaves into tiny pieces and put them inside separate sieves to drain out all the water in them.

Wash and chop the onion bulbs. Also, wash and dice the kanda into small cubes.

Put the diced kanda, dried fish and the beef into a medium-sized pot. Season them with the seasoning powder and chopped onions then place the pot over medium heat.

Cook the diced kanda, meat and the dried fish until they are done.

Add the palm oil , ground crayfish and the pepper into the boiling stock. Allow it to boil for about ten minutes.

Wash the periwinkle very well to remove the sand. Add it to the boiling stock and allow it to cook for another 10 minutes.

Now, add the washed water leaves to the stock. Do not cook the water leaves for too long unless that will become very soft.

Add the pumpkin leaves (Ugu) to the soup. Also, add salt to taste.

Stir the soup very well and allow it to simmer for about three minutes. Remove the pot of soup from the heat and leave it to cool.

Serving :

Enjoy your homemade Edikaikong soup with fufu, eba or semolina. Some persons like to eat this delicacy with rice.

You can also prepare this soup with alternative vegetables such as spinach and lamb’s lettuce.

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