How Nigerians can get a visa to Chile

If you have ever wondered about how Nigerians can get a visa to Chile, this post is for you. Chile is a unique place, and a lot of Nigerians should consider visiting.

About Chile

In understanding how Nigerians can get a visa to Chile, you will need to know a few things about the place you intend to visit.

Chile is a long, narrow country that stretches along South America’s western edge. It has over 6,000km of Pacific Ocean coastline and happens to be one of South America’s most stable and prosperous nations. Its capital city is Santiago, and the city has a population of about 17.62 million. It leads Latin American countries in rankings of human development, competitiveness, income per capita, globalization, state of peace, economic freedom, and low rate of corruption. Its official language is Spanish, and its currency is the Chilean peso.

Different kinds of Chilean Visa

Chile is a lovely place to visit, whether, for business or tourism, you are certain of an exciting visit. It has about ten different climate subtypes within its borders; there should be a location with a climate that suits you. 

Here are the different visa types below:

  1. Business Visa
  2. Tourism Visa
  3. Study Visa

Where to Go

Chile has no embassy in Nigeria, so if you wish to get a visa to Chile, you can submit your application through the Chilean embassy in Nairobi, Kenya. You have to first contact the embassy in Nairobi via phone call or email. After reaching the embassy, you will receive more information about the necessary process involved. You may also be required to forward scanned copies of essential documents first through email and later through courier service.

Address of Chile Embassy at Nairobi, Kenya

Consul Assistant

P.O. Box 45554 00100

NO. 66, Riverside Drive, Nairobi

Tel: 254-20-4452950/1

Fax: 254-20-4443209

Necessary Requirements:

Generally, the information regarding how to get a visa to Chile seems to be very limited. But the concise list below are documents you should make ready when applying for a visa to Chile.

  1. Chilean visa application form must be filled correctly completely and should be signed. You should then receive an application form after contact has been made with the embassy at Nairobi).
  2. You will provide an original Passport with not less than six months validity and an empty page to receive the visa stamp. 
  3. To get a visa, you should also have two current passport size colored photographs 
  4. An invitation letter signed by the inviting party is also required.
  5. The applicant will also be asked to provide a letter from the employer or sponsoring company written on company letterhead. The letter should indicate the applicant’s employment status/position held in the company and clearly stating the reason for visiting Chile.
  6. A police certificate of good conduct, showing a clear criminal record, is necessary.
  7. Proof of enough funding to support your stay in Chile
  8. The embassy will request your bank statement for the last three months.
  9. Flight route that shows the dates and flight numbers to specify entry and departure from Chile.
  10. Your Accommodation or hotel reservation information for the duration of your stay will be required.
  11. Finally, you will need an International Vaccination Certificate.
How long does it take to process the visa?

It takes about a month for the visa to be processed. They would contact you to send scanned copies of the necessary documents to a designated email address. The Chilean embassy will provide the email address after you reach the Chilean Embassy in Nairobi.

Suppose you require any further information about what you would need for the Chilean visa. , please contact the Chile Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya.


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