How to Draw the Perfect Eyebrows

Many women are very particular about achieving the perfect look. Definitely, a key to achieving this perfection is to have your eyebrows on fleek. Without any doubt, having the perfect eyebrows is certainly something that has remained in vogue. Sharp, well-drawn eyebrows will definitely make your eyes stand out; even with little or no makeup.

Drawing the perfect eyebrows is very easy. Learn how to draw the perfect eyebrows for free on Elistatus. Watch the video tutorial here:


  1. Eyebrow pencil
  2. Angled brush
  3. Makeup brush
  4. Tweezers /razor blade/scissors
  5. Eyebrow pomade
  6. Eyebrow highlighter
  7. Spoolie

Before drawing the perfect brows, it is important for you to prepare your natural brows. Here is how to go about it:

First, get the eyebrows in shape by tweaking them using the tweezers. Carefully pluck out the excess hair above and below the eyebrows. Also, remove the excess hair between the eyebrows.

When doing this, be careful not overdo the tweezing unless your brows will become very thin and unattractive. If your eyebrows are really full, you may make use of a razor blade or small scissors to trim them.

How to draw your Eyebrows

  • Using the angled brush and the eyebrow pomade, carefully outline the eyebrows from the top to the bottom.
  • Next, use the highlighting pencil or eyebrow highlighter to draw a line outside the eyebrows.
  • Blend the highlighter very well to achieve a near-natural look.
  • Using the eye pencil, fill the rest of the eyebrows with colour. This should be done using short and precise strokes. Use more colour towards the ends of the brows and less colour for the thicker and wider parts of the brows.
  • Brush the eyebrows upwards using the spoolie. This will blend the colour properly with the eyebrows.
  • You can apply a little clear gel on the brows to make them stay in place and make the makeup to last much longer.


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