How to fix broken makeup powders and bronzers

In this post, we explain how to fix broken makeup powders and bronzers with and without the use of rubbing alcohol.

Accidents happen all the time, especially with your powdered makeup products, but you don’t have to throw out that brown powder just because it fell down and broke, you can actually fix it.

There are two methods of fixing your powdered makeup products. One method is with rubbing alcohol, the other method is without rubbing alcohol because not everyone just has rubbing alcohol available.

These methods work for powders, shadows, powdered foundations, bronzers, basically anything that’s powdered.

Steps on how to fix your broken makeup powders and bronzers (Rubbing alcohol method)

Items needed

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Shot glass
  • butter knife
  • Newspaper
  • Paper towels
  • A product with a circular lid


  • First of all, get a shot glass or small glass to pour in your rubbing alcohol
  • Press your powdered makeup product with your fingers to make it as flat as possible. Alternatively, you can take it out of the casing and mash it completely on newspaper before putting it back on your palette and again pressing it with your hands till it’s flat.
  • pour in a tablespoon of rubbing alcohol into the shot glass. or measure based on the largeness of the broken product.
  • Pour the rubbing alcohol onto the flattened out powdered product.
  • Use your fingers to smoothen it out, then add more rubbing alcohol to really soak it all in.
  • Use a butter knife to smoothen it out more.
  • Get a paper towel and place it over the powdered product. Use the circular lid of any product to press the powder down and create a very flat surface.

Your powdered product is now brand new.

Steps on how to fix your broken makeup powders and bronzers (Without rubbing alcohol )

All you need for this process is a spatular or any flat item to help smoothen out the product

  • Break your product into smaller pieces with a spatular or butter knife
  • Then use the spatular to press down on the product to flatten it out. Ensure you take your time to do this.
  • Once the product is flattened to perfection, you are done.
  • Proceed to clean the messy edges with wipes.

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