You actually think you can manage other people when your personal management reads zero? Managing people is far beyond instructing your junior colleagues on what to get done and how to go about it. An organization has different people with different personalities in which a certain level of tolerance is needed. Managing yourself encompasses realizing how you manage yourself as a means to understand how others can be managed. Whatever your position is, understanding how to manage yourself determines your level of success.

Time Management

You have to identify what time of the day works best for you. In some cases, in the morning, they are at their best; meanwhile some others have no troubles with keeping up with late nights. Have an in-depth look at how you manage yourself throughout the day and discern when you’re best active. With this, you get to have a better picture of the fact that an individual’s biological clock differs from the other person. Having to manage your junior colleagues becomes much easier. Assigning assignments becomes a lot easier. More so, a to-do list for each day would be more effective. This would aid a specific direction and focus.

Goals Setting

Goals are not achievements that can be attained easily or really cheap. If you can get the result at the snap of your finger, then it’s not a goal. The point of setting goals is to work extra hard, putting in extra effort, underlining the word, EXTRA. Extras are needed in goal achievements. Setting a goal doesn’t mean automatic success, rather being able to go through the process, going through the set objectives. Goals are intended achievements; objectives are processes to achieve your result. Therefore, if you succeed at managing your personal set goals, achieving results for goals set for a group would definitely not be difficult. Remember, if it doesn’t work, change the plan not the goal.

Self Reward

You finally pull through and achieved your most desired goal and you think rewarding yourself is too much? Self-appraisal can go a long way in encouraging one’s self. Everyone wants to be commended, appreciated and encouraged at the point of success. So why not do this for you to have a feeling of inner happiness. No one can make you sincerely happy as you make yourself. You don’t have to spend extravagantly to reward yourself, be simple, smart and creative about such rewards. Ability to embark on personal rewarding schemes makes it less difficult for you to commend people with rewards when they get to achieve.


Sitting at a long table with other members of the Company, arguing and contemplating over issues could be boring. The advent of technology has made living more convenient for use. The use of e-mails can serve this purpose and save everyone the time, stress and boredom. Reports, Information, announcements can be circulated to everyone to make work easier. It can be said that more attention is paid to circulated e-mails than sitting to listen to long talks.

In conclusion,

  • Ensure your achievements are attainable.
  • Create a work schedule that works best for you.
  • Be flexible to change, it is inevitable.
  • Maintain positive attitudes

Envision your life as a whole. Your personal life management determines how you manage other individuals.



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