How to make a Beaded Flower Brooch

A beaded flower brooch is the perfect gift for females. It is a very unique accessory and it is not very expensive. Many women love to wear this accessory as a part of their attires; especially during festivities like weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. They also wear it to church. This means that you can make a lot of money from making and selling your handmade beaded flower brooch; especially in Nigeria.

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  • 300 pieces of size 8 seed beads
  • 0.4 millimetre/ 26 gauge wire
  • Brooch back
  • Button
  • Cutters
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Bead mat



  • First, cut out about 1.25 metres of the wire. String 12 beads on the wire. Leaving about 10 centimetres of the wire empty (that is, without any beads) on one end, gather the seed beads into a loop and twist it a couple of times to secure.
  • Now, string other 21 seed beads on one end of the loop. Leave out some wire on this end.
  • Next, begin to curve the beads around the previous loop. Use your thumb and your finger to keep the beads in position. Push the beads tightly against the twisted wire.
  • Now, tie the loop to secure the beads. Do this by wrapping the longer length of the wire around the shorter length. Kink the shorter tail out to help keep it tight.
  • Complete the first flower petal by adding about 28 beads to the loop and securing it by wrapping the longer length of the wire around the shorter length. You should still have some parts of the wire empty.
  • Now, begin the second flower petal on the empty wire ends. Follow the steps above until you have created the five beaded flower petals. Remember to leave a small gap of bare wire before you twist the second row of beads into a loop.
  • After you have made the five petals, bring the two empty ends of the wire together and twist them over and over again to tighten the flower petals.
  • Now, bring the longer end of the wire to the front of the beaded flower petals. Fix the button by passing the wires through its holes a number of times.
  • Next, fix the brooch back on the other side of the beaded flowers. After doing this, bring the wires to the front of the petals and wrap them around the button. Use the cutters to remove any excess wire.
  • Finally, gently curl the petals upward using your fingers.

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