How to make a Baby Quilt 

Learn how to make a baby quilt on Elistatus for free. Handmade quilts are the perfect gifts for newborns. Instead of brainstorming on the best gift to give a friend or relative who has just put to bed, you can easily present your handmade quilt as a gift. Definitely, both mother and child will appreciate this. You can also sell your handmade quilts both online and offline and make a lot of money from them. Follow these easy steps to sew your own handmade quilt.


  • Baby quilt sized fabric panel
  • 1 1/2 yards of coordinating fabric (This will be used on the reverse side of the quilt)
  • 1/2 yard of coordinating fabric for the quilt binding
  • Pins
  • Fabric adhesive spray
  • Baby quilt sized cotton or polyester quilt batting


  • First, wash all the fabric thoroughly then dry them. Next, cut a piece of the reverse fabric. This piece should be the same size as the front panel.
  • Cut the binding fabric into strips. These strips should be 1/4 inch wide and 44 inches long.  They should be long enough to bind the quilt.
  • Next, place the quilt batting on the floor. Lay the reverse piece of fabric over it and smoothen both fabrics. Fold the bottom of the reverse fabric halfway then spray the adhesive on the quilt batting. Unfold the reverse fabric and place it on the quilt batting. Apply a little pressure on the fabrics so that they will stick. Repeat this process for the upper half of the reverse fabric. Allow the adhesive to dry.
  • Now, flip the quilt over and do the same for the front panel side. Allow the adhesive on this side to dry too.
  • Stitch around the fabric; following the shapes on the fabric panel. Do not pull the fabrics too hard when you are quilting or they will tear.
  • After quilting, trim the excess edges off your baby quilt. Make the quilt binding by sewing all the binding strips together. Fold the binding strips half lengthwise and press it.
  • Now, sew the binding to the quilt. When you are done, trim the edges off the binding and fold the end inwards. Pin and sew the end to the quilt.
  • Finally, hand-stitch the binding to the quilt. Simply turn the binding around the edge of the quilt and hand-stitch carefully.


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