How to make a DIY curl-defining hair gel at home

In this article, we share a simple recipe for how to make a DIY curl-defining hair gel at home without using harsh ingredients that may harm your hair strands.

This is DIY curl-defining hair gel is a water-based gel, so it is perfect for making your curls well defined.  It also eliminates frizz, it’s perfect for wash & go’s, twist outs, braids outs, or any styles that are done on wet hair.

This gel is excellent at holding styles and works well even in humid climates.

Though this gel is made from natural ingredients, it still provides the rigidity that you don’t often get with plain aloe vera or flaxseed gels.

It is crucial to note that you might not want to use this gel for dry styling because its high water content can revert your hair back to its original texture if you have straightened hairstyles.

Despite how thick this gel looks after preparation, this gel is incredibly light and very easy to work throughout your hair, as opposed to commercial gels, jellies, curling custards etc. this hair gel does not have a sticky texture.

You will get that beautiful slip for your hair and the extra hold effortlessly sinks into your strands without leaving any residue.

Recipe for how to make a DIY curl-defining hair gel at home

This recipe can make about 200 grams of hair gel.

Phase 1
  • 10g Glycerine
  • 4g Xanthan Gum
Phase 2
  • 182g Water
  • 2g Hydrolysed Wheat Protein
  • 2g Aloe Vera Powder
  • 2g Preservative Eco


Please ensure that you follow the step-by-step process for how to make a DIY curl-defining hair gel at home

  1. Measure your phase 1 ingredients: glycerine & xanthan gum, and your phase 2 ingredients: distilled water, hydrolyzed wheat protein, & aloe vera powder.
  2. Prepare the xanthan gum first by mixing it with the glycerine. Leave the xanthan mixture to hydrate for 20 minutes
  3. To the water, add the protein and aloe vera powder
  4. Use a scale to add your preservative and thoroughly whisk until everything is combined
  5. Pour a little of the water mixture into xanthan gum and whisk thoroughly. Once there are no lumps, add the remainder of your water ingredients and whisk until the gum mixture is evenly incorporated
  6. Leave your hair gel to set for 30 minutes
  7. Once your hair gel has thickened it should have a smooth, clear, appearance. Transfer into your container.
  8. You can either choose a pump-style bottle or a wide container to easily access the hair gel.