How to make a DIY trendy Scrunchie headband

In this post, we learn how to make a DIY trendy Scrunchie headband that is the latest fashion accessory every stylish lady should have.

Rather than going to a store to buy this trendy scrunchie headband, you can save cost by making your very own customized headband.

You can pick any colors or patterns you like to suit your style, preference, or personality.

The process involved in making the headband is very easy and we also share a video reference for a clearer step-by-step process.

Items needed

  • Elastic casting¬† 3″ wide¬† and 15″ long
  • Wide elastic 6″ long
  • Inner fabric 2″ wide and 14″ long
  • Fabric 7″ wide and 40″ long
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Tailor’s chalk


  • Cut out the fabric that is 7″ wide and 40″ long into a rectangular shape.
  • Turn the material inside out, and fold the fabric into two equal sides.
  • On both ends of the fabric, measure one-inch measurements on the shorter ends and mark them with chalk.
  • Measure 4 inches at the longer end and connect both the 1 inch and 4 inches using the chalk.
  • Cut out the two connected parts with scissors.
  • Sew the edges of the fabric and turn it out.
  • Cut out another fabric and measure it to be 3″ wide and 15″ long.
  • Also, fold the second fabric and stitch the ends, flip inside out and put your elastic into the fabric.
  • Cut out yet another fabric and measure it to be 2″ wide and 14″ long.
  • Insert the fabric into the first longer fabric that was initially cut out, measured, and stitched.
  • Secure the ends with pins. The material should look like a scrunchie at this point.
  • Connect the ends of the elastic fabric to the bigger one that doesn’t have elastic, by stitching the sides.
  • Fold the stitched ends inside the band to make it look neat.

Your beautiful trendy, scrunchie headband is ready.

It can be worn majorly with casual outfits and most times, satin is the material used to make the headband so it is very safe for your hair.

Following this method and measurements will ensure that the headband isn’t too tight, but based on different head sizes, you can tweak the measurements to fit your head.

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