How to make a Simple Flared Skirt

Follow these simple steps to sew your own simple flared skirt. You can wear your skirt to casual events
like a picnic or hangout with friends and family. You can also go formal with your skirt and wear it for
meetings and other corporate events. Learn how to make your simple flared skirt for free on Elistatus.

Materials Needed

1. 2 yards of any fabric material of your choice (chiffon preferably)
2. Elastic bands
3. A pair of scissors
4. Pinking shears
5. Pins
6. A bunch of safety pins
7. Measuring tape
8. Pattern paper
9. Marker
10. Sewing machine
11. Iron


1. First, use the measuring tape to take your body measurements. Determine the length of your skirt by
placing the measuring tape on your waist all the way to the desired length. Add an inch to the desired
length; this will take care of the waistband seam allowance and the rolled edge hem of your flared skirt.
Also, take the measurements of your body round and waist round. Then make the pattern of your skirt.

2. Now, cut out the flared skirt pattern from the fabric material. Place the edges of the skirt together on a
flat surface. Sew the skirt using straight or zigzag stitches. Leave a seam allowance of about 0.5 inch
while sewing.

3. Press the seams open using the iron. Make a waistband facing for the skirt from your fabric. Stitch it
to the waistband. Press them to ensure they fit well. Turn 1/4 inch of the facing inside then stitch a
casing for the elastic. Leave an inch of the waistband unstitched to enable you fix in the elastic material.

4. Next, cut out the elastic material and insert it into the waistband through the opening.

5. Now, join the elastic ends together using zigzag or straight stitches. While stitching, ensure that the
elastic is not twisted. Stitch the opening after inserting the elastic.

6. Secure the waistband and elastic together by sewing a ditch between the seam lines at the waistband.

7. Finally, hem the skirt.


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