Every business or organization must learn the proper ways to offer good customer service. The life force of any business is the customers and so steps must be taken to always improve the relationship between the company and the business.

It doesn’t matter if you are a startup or an already existing business, you must do all that it takes to satisfy the customer’s needs depending on the products or services you offer. There is no doubt that working with people is not always easy but as a general rule in life and not just business; relationships matter, no man is an island.

Before we delve into the tips for offering good customer service, we must, first of all, define customer service.

Customer service is the support provided by a business and its employees to the individuals who use or buy its products and services. It can also be assisting customers with purchases or solving their problems in person or online. Customer service professionals are responsible for making sure customers have a good experience and fulfilling their needs. This is a major skill set that employers value, so developing your customer service skills can help you to advance in your career.

No business can survive without customers and that is why we will share some tips on how to offer good customer service.


1. Be polite

The most important rule when it comes to offering good customer service is to be polite. You have to ensure that you are easily approachable by putting on a smile always, be courteous and respectful. It is also important that you are observant and proactive by paying close attention to the customer’s needs and providing a solution even before they request one. No matter how stressed out and frustrated you may seem because perhaps the customer is angry and disappointed, you must always remain kind and empathic to the customer’s situation.

Being polite also entails that you respond to customers promptly. Customers love it when you listen to their requests and complaints and they receive a quick response to their requests. Clients also appreciate the quick response more when their request is time-bound. To improve your customer service, ensure you respond to all phone calls and emails within 24 hours and tell the customers how long it will take to solve their problems.

2. Be familiar with your products or services

To offer your customers a fantastic service, you should know every aspect of the product or service you are selling. Preferably, you should be able to discuss the features and uses of the products or services you offer. You should also show your customers the benefits of using your product or service. Finally, analyze anything that is not working correctly and make efforts to sort out those problems with your goods or services.

3. Always show appreciation to your customers

Customers will always remember when you show gratitude. A simple “Thank you” can go a long way to remind the customer that they made a good decision by choosing your product or service. Learn to say thank you after offering your services to the customer. Other ways to say thank you include: giveaways, offering discounts or promos, send a thank you email, text or even phone call, etc.

4. Communicate with your customers

When you have effective communication with your customers you will know what they need and you can offer them the right service. You can simply ask your customers what they like via, email, phone call, or social media. Another popular way to understand your customers’ needs is by surveying to get honest feedback from your customers.

Communication also entails that you ask for feedback even after your product or service has been used by a customer. Requesting feedback from customers shows them that you care about their opinion and you want to offer them help. You can request for feedback by directly requesting for it after a product has been purchased or service has been offered to know if the customer likes the service offered. Other ways to get feedback is by sending customer feedback forms, surveys, and questionnaires.

5. Focus on building and maintaining your relationship with your customers

Building and maintaining a positive relationship with your customers will ensure that they always come back. When you show customers that you care about them, they naturally become more loyal and appreciative. A good way to build relationships with customers is to offer personalized service. You should also greet them by name, and make notes of previous conversations so you can refer to that information the next time you meet the customer.

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