Learn to make the delicious treat that every Nigerian enjoys, Chin Chin ! You will learn with a video while you read the step-by-step instructions. Watch the video tutorial here: https://elistatus.com/courses/how-to-make-chin-chin



  • White Flour
  • Evaporated/ Powdered milk
  • Granulated sugar
  • Margarine
  • Ground nutmeg
  • Vegetable Oil



  • Leave the powdered or evaporated milk to soak together with the granulated sugar. If your choice is powdered milk, you have to mix the sugar with it and add a little quantity of water to derive a certain level of thickness.
  • That aside, mix the nutmeg together with the flour in another bowl and add the margarine. You have to rub these ingredients in between your palms in order to avoid lumps and derive the smoothness you need.
  • At this point, you begin to add milk/sugar mixture to the flour/margarine mixture. It is advisable to add the liquid little by little to get a stiff dough.
  • Having done this, place the dough on a smooth and clean surface and knead properly.
  • You could then use a rolling pin in place of a dough roller make to your dough flat and cut into desired length or size.
  • Before frying, ensure the vegetable oil is very hot to avoid the oil soaking in the dough.

To fry the dough, you have to deep- fry and continue to stir until a golden brown color is derived.

Note that when it cools down, the color deepens. Ensure it doesn’t look burnt.

  • After frying the chin-chin, scoop with a sieve spoon into a sieve to drain the oil.
  • Once the chin-chin is completely cool, preserve in a dry and airtight container to avoid air penetration.


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