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We want to teach you how to Succeed. This post is relevant to those who want to learn to defend your final year project, marketing your proposal to investors, or anything that involves public speaking.  This is an important skill everyone must have to get ahead in their respective careers. Learning how to give speeches and speak in public is an invaluable skill.

Be Organized

Putting together your thoughts, ideas, and materials before you you try public speaking. This will make you more organized, calm, and collected. Clearing your thoughts reduces your chance of being anxious. All you have to do is focus on giving a wonderful speech.

Always Practice and Prepare

Before the speech, take time always to practice your speech (Public Speaking). You could highlight your key points and ensure not to read from the note word for word. This could make you memorize, and memorizing isn’t best for speeches. You tend to forget some words and lose balance. Be ready to give your speech in that when questions are thrown at you, you can answer.

Eliminate ANY Fear of Rejection

Your audience should make you have fears. Avoid any feeling of being rejected by the audience. The audience is there to either praise or condemn one’s speech.

Record Yourself and Learn Your Voice

Technology seems to have made things much better for us. With your phone or video camera, you can either record your voice giving a speech or RECORD a SHORT video of yourself giving the speech. Afterward, make sure to listen to it. Please take note of errors or mistakes and try to improve on them.

Work On Your Breathing

Focus on your breathing and help yourself to relax. Breathe slowly and calmly to reduce stress and clear your head before talking to your audience.

Speak to Another Person

You might have succeeded in listening to yourself, move further by speaking to other people. Let them listen to you and give their feedback, either commending or pointing out your errors. You could talk to your parents, siblings, friends or teachers.

Focus On the Content, Not the Audience

Delivering the content of your speech in the best way should be your major concern and not the audience. Worry less about their actions and reactions.

Avoid Talking Too Fast

Talking fast while giving a speech interrupts your breathing; you tend to breathe less, which will bring about you panicking and worrying, making you easily prone to fear. Take your time while speaking. Speak calmly, relaxed, and collectedly.

Have Pride in Your Work and Recognize Your Success

Only you can determine how well or bad you have delivered the speech. After such a presentation, give yourself some appraisal. Reward yourself for a job well done, for overcoming your fears of public speaking. This will help to increase the pride you have in yourself.

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