How to make fresh, creamy yogurt at home

Learn how to make fresh, creamy yogurt at home by following the simple recipe we share in this article. This recipe does not require a yogurt machine.

In this post, we share a very simple recipe for making yogurt at home. It doesn’t take any time and the end result will surely be beautiful.

Yogurt has a lot of health benefits and it can be a healthy alternative to ice cream.

Some of the benefits of yogurt include:

  • It’s Rich in Important Nutrients.¬†Yogurt contains nearly every nutrient that your body needs. …
  • Yogurt is rich in protein
  • Some Varieties may Benefit¬†Digestive Health. …
  • It helps to strengthen your Immune System. …
  • There is the possibility of yogurt protecting you from Osteoporosis. …
  • Beneficial to Heart Health. …
  • It is suitable for promoting Weight Management.

There are various methods for making yogurt but the method shared in this post is one of the simplest.

Ingredients needed

  • Whole Milk
  • 2 tablespoons of pure yogurt (the yogurt must not have any sugar or additives in it)


Please ensure that you use a heavy bottom pot for this process because a heavy bottom pot absorbs the head easily, so it is a better alternative than any other type of pot.

  • Pour the whole milk into a heavy bottom pot
  • Place the heavy bottom pot on a stove or burner and leave it to cook on medium to high heat until it’s almost reaching its boiling point
  • Stir the milk at intervals
  • Once the milk comes to a temperature of about 190 -200 degrees Fahrenheit, or when you see bubbles forming around the edges of the pot, then it’s time to take it off the heat.
  • Leave the yogurt to cool down until it’s warm to the touch. Please stir at intervals while waiting so it doesn’t develop a film at the top because the film takes some of the fat away and you don’t want that.
  • Add two tablespoons of pure yogurt to the warm milk and stir until the yogurt dissolves into the milk.
  • Cover the pot with a firm lid and place the pot of milk in a warm place.
  • Leave the pot for 6 – 12 hours or overnight till the yogurt is thick and tangy. The longer you leave the yogurt, the thicker and tangier it becomes.
  • After the yogurt has thickened, transfer it to the fridge to chill for 2 -3 hours.

Your rich, thick and creamy homemade yogurt is ready.

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