Elistatus is here to teach you how to make pizza without an oven. As long as you have a non-stick pan at home, you can make pizza without an oven. Preparing the dough and the toppings are the same as for a regular pizza. But we can also make pizza without an oven. We will use the hob to obtain crisp and delicious dough. At, we’ll show you how to make pizza without an oven quickly and easily.

Time frame: between 1 – 2 hours at most.  The difficulty level is low.


For the pizza dough:

  • 300 g of flour (10.6oz)
  • Half a cup of warm water
  • 5 g of yeast (0.2oz)
  • Salt to taste (if you want, you can add oregano too)
  • Olive oil

Pizza toppings:

  • 4-6 tablespoons of tomato passata or pizza sauce
  • 200 g of mozzarella cheese (7oz)
  • 200 g of ham or bacon (7oz) (optional)
  • Vegetables like: olives, mushrooms, rocket, sweetcorn are good choices.


  1. You can make your pizza without an oven with any ingredients you like, adding your favourite vegetables to create a delicious dish to your taste. You can also replace the tomato sauce with a creamy sauce. It’s your pizza – make it the way you like it!


2. To begin you need to make your pizza dough. Here is how to make pizza dough. Start by diluting the yeast in a little water, then add the oil. In a bowl, mix the salt and flour, make a well in the middle and pour in the water, yeast and oil mixture. Stir with a wooden spoon until all the ingredients mix well into a dough.


3. Remove the dough from the bowl and place it on a flat surface (table or counter) that is clean and dusted with a little flour. Knead the dough until it becomes completely smooth, elastic and pliable. This process can take 5 to 10 minutes. Place the money back in the bowl, cover with flour and leave to stand until it has doubled in size, which may take an hour. Let it sit more if you can, up to 6 hours. Leave the dough in a warm place like your microwave.


4. When the dough for making pizza without oven is ready, start to stretch it out on a clean, floured surface. Manipulate the dough into the shape of the pan you will be using – it shouldn’t be larger than the pan – and then put the mixture in your container. Make sure the pizza is not to thick to make sure your pizza without oven cooks evenly in the pan.


You can also stretch the dough directly into the pan you’re going to cook it in.


5. Turn on the hob to medium heat. It is essential to cook a pizza without oven slowly; otherwise, it will burn underneath while the top is still raw. Add all your toppings well and then cover the pan, allowing the heat and steam to cook the dough on top as if it was an omelette.


6.  Leave to cook for about 30 minutes, but check the base of the dough a couple of times at least to make sure it doesn’t burn. Pizza without oven should be crispy and delicious, but it won’t go brown on top as in this cooking method we’re not using a grill. No matter, the result is still delicious and means we can enjoy great food without the need for baking.


7. Now you know how to make pizza without an oven.

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