Learn how to make this simple face mask at home on Elistatus for free. Each day we receive more information regarding how the coronavirus pandemic develops. Everyone looks forward to life getting back to normal. We cannot leave the fighting to the medical practitioners alone. The people also have to take steps to stop the spread of the virus. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to purchase a disposable facemask regularly.

Homemade face masks have now become one of the necessary items during the COVID-19 pandemic after the NCDC, and WHO recently changed its guidelines to say that everyone should wear some form of a cloth face-covering in public places. We have realized it’s shockingly easy to make a DIY face mask.

Elistatus has decided to share this very affordable procedure on how to make a simple face mask with materials you already have at home.  This simple method will teach you how to make a cloth facemask that can be washed and reused. Be sure to visit the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control and the World Health Organization website for more updates regarding the virus.


The best fabric for a homemade face mask is 100% cotton. You can use a bandana or material from pillowcasescurtainswoven shirts, or anything else you might have in your home. You can also use a T-shirt, but it’s not our top choice because the fabric is knit (i.e., it can create holes when it stretches).

You’ll also need something to keep the mask snug on your face. You can use hair ties or rubber bands to secure them on your ears, but shoelaces, string, or ribbon that you can tie around the back of your head may feel more comfortable.


  1. Layout a bandana or cut a 22″x 22″ square of cotton fabric
  2. Place a flat coffee filter in the center of the square (optional)
  3. Fold the top and bottom in towards the center
  4. Place a twist tie, paper clip, or another metal piece close to the top (optional)
  5. Fold the top and bottom in towards the center
  6. Fold the sides in towards the center, placing your ties at the folded crease. If you’re using rubber bands or hair ties, loop these around the fabric. If you’re using shoelaces or string, place the center of the line in the folded crease and pull the straps tight
  7. Tuck one end of the fabric into the other
  8. Lift the mask to your face and secure the straps. For hair ties and rubber bands, loop them over each ear. For shoelaces and string, tie them behind your head
  9. Adjust as needed, making sure your mouth and nose are completely covered


Try out this method and be creative with it. Do leave a comment below if this was helpful.

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