How to make a DIY natural foot cream at home.

In this article, we share a simple formula for how to make a DIY natural foot cream at home. This foot cream will ensure that your feet stay soft and moisturized.

We are in the summer season and this is the period you need to keep your skin very moisturized. Using your usual moisturizer for your feet will keep it moisturized to some extent but you need something stronger to make your feet softer and moisturized.

Body butters are great for when you need a deeper and more intense moisturizer that can replenish those vital outer layers of skin, due to their high oil content. The formula we share in this article goes the extra mile because the active ingredient is Magnesium, which helps to boost the moisturizing potential of this DIY foot cream.

Some of you may be wondering what is the point of keeping your feet moisturized?

Well, aside from the fact that your feet will not look great, severely dry and under-moisturized feet can lead to more serious issues. Cracked heels can also become present as a result of extremely dry feet and are difficult to get rid of. This can result in pain, blisters, and worse of all, infections.

So now that you know,  make foot care a priority. Look after your feet by moisturizing as often as possible, and embrace those beautiful sandals and flip flops.

Recipe for how to make a DIY natural foot cream at home.

Water Phase
  • 25g (2 tbsp) Magnesium Flakes
  • 25g Warm Water
Oil Phase
  • 100g Shea Butter
  • 30g Jojoba Oil
  • 5g Emulsifying Wax
Cool Down
  • 2g Preservative Eco (Natural Preservative)
  • 2g Vitamin E Oil
  • 5 drops Tea Tree, 5 drops Rosemary, 4 drops Eucalyptus, 3 drops Lemon, 3 drops Frankincense


  1. The first step is to make magnesium oil: dissolve the magnesium flakes in warm water. Once all flakes are dissolved, set aside to cool
  2. Follow up by placing the shea butter and emulsifying wax in a heatproof bowl and melt over low heat (e.g. double boiler)
  3. Once the butter and wax have completely melted and cooled slightly, transfer to a larger bowl
  4. Next, mix the essential oils, then add to the butter and wax mixture, along with the almond oil
  5. Set the mixture in the fridge to firm up for at least one hour
  6. Once the mixed ingredients have cooled, use an electric whisk to whip the butter into soft peaks
  7. Add the magnesium oil, vitamin E oil, and preservative
  8. Whip the foot butter again with a whisk to ensure the magnesium is spread evenly throughout

For storage, it is best to use a glass container with a wide opening. Either scoop or pipe your foot butter into the container.

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