How to: tips to improve your reading skills

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Not everyone is a fan of reading books but cultivating a reading culture, especially in the early stages of life is beneficial in a lot of ways.

There are countless benefits of reading that help boost one’s mental capacity in a lot of ways. We share some helpful tips in this article to help you improve your reading skills if you ever find yourself struggling.

Here are some benefits of reading books:

  • Reading helps improve your thinking, concentration, and understanding.
  • Reading improves your vocabulary and expands knowledge
  • Reading also helps reduce stress and tension
  • Reading strengthens your writing abilities
  • Reading boosts sleep
  • Reading enhances your imagination and creativity
  • You become more exposed; it broadens your mind

Now that you understand some of the benefits of reading, below are some tips to help improve your reading skills.

Tips to improve your reading skills

1. Make notes and highlight the text while you read

One of the best ways to improve your reading skills is to make notes and highlight important parts of the text while you read.  Writing notes and highlighting important parts of the text will help you stay focused and improve your understanding. It is also advisable to write out questions on what you may not understand to enable you to remember to find the answers and boost your understanding.

2. Read in portions

Engaging in long, complex reading can become tiring and you tend to lose concentration at some points.  By breaking up the long text into pieces, shorter parts will help students retain the information and build confidence in understanding a complicated subject.

3. Set reading goals

Set your reading goals, create a schedule for how often and how many books you plan to read. Doing so will help you keep track of your progress.

4. Personalize the text

One of the best ways to improve your understanding of a text is to see how the material connects to your life.  Even though a text doesn’t have any personal connection to your life, try to imagine as you read, put your life in the position of what is written. Personalizing the content will help you connect more, keep you focused, improve your memory of what you read, and makes reading become more interesting to you generally.

5. Engage in discussions

Having a company or group of people in your circle who also read is a great way to keep you focused on reading. Join a book club or plan with some friends who love reading to have discussions on a book you all have chosen to read together. There is more accountability and you are more disciplined when you know what is being read will be discussed, and no one likes to be the one who did not carry out the assignment.

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