How to Prepare Ukwa

Also known as African breadfruit, Ukwa is a popular fruit in Nigeria; native to the southeastern part of the country. The fruit is used to prepare a major Igbo delicacy known as the ukwa porridge. Ukwa can also be roasted and eaten as a snack. When this is done, it tastes like fried groundnut, and it can be eaten with coconut or palm kernel. Ukwa has a unique and natural taste. It is also very healthy. The fruit is often classified as a legume because it shares similar properties with beans and other plants classified as such.

Ukwa porridge is the most popular form in which ukwa is eaten. The delicacy is often served at Igbo traditional weddings, coronation , conferment of chieftaincy and the like.

Today on Elistatus, we will be teaching you how to prepare the delicious ukwa porridge. You can learn how to prepare a number of Nigerian delicacies for free on Elistatus.


700 grams of fresh Ukwa

2 pieces of dried fish/ stock-fish

Seasoning powder

1 small onion bulb

1 cooking spoon of palm oil

7 grams of edible potash


Salt to taste

5-6 fresh bitter leaves or utazi leaves

White puna yam (Optional)

Corn/ millet/ sweet corn (Optional)


Pour the ukwa into a medium-sized bowl and wash it thoroughly to remove any sand and stones.

Wash and cut the onions into small pieces. Wash the pepper too. Pound the onions and pepper together to form a light paste.

Wash the fresh bitter leaves too.

Pour the washed ukwa into a medium-sized pot. You can make use of a pressure cooker too.

Pour in enough water that will cover the ukwa totally. The water should be about 1 inch above the level of the ukwa.

Dissolve the edible potash in a little water. Pour the dissolved potash into the boiling ukwa. Also, add the dried fish or stock-fish and cook them until they are soft.

When the ukwa is well cooked, add the palm oil and pepper paste. Add the seasoning powder and salt to taste. Leave the ukwa to cook until the palm oil changes its colour from red to yellow.

Add the bitter leaves. Leave the ukwa porridge to simmer for a few minutes.


Enjoy your homemade ukwa porridge with palm wine, orange juice or any other beverage or fruit drink of your choice.

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