Setting Up a Hair Saloon: What You Should Know.

Hair saloons yield a lot of revenue, especially in Nigeria. Many women in Nigeria take pride in looking beautiful and would not mind spending a fortune to get the perfect hairdo. However, to attract the right clientele and stay relevant, you must take extra care to set up your saloon-the right way. Here are some helpful tips you should take into consideration when planning to set up a hair saloon in Nigeria:

Estimated Business Capital: 150,000 Naira to 700,000 Naira.

1a. Location

This is extremely important. The location of your saloon goes a long way to determine the number of clients and customers that you are likely to have. Usually, if your saloon is located in the heart of the city, or a busy street, more persons will get to know about it and are more likely to patronize you.  Many persons make use of rented spaces; others who have more capital can buy or build a shop for use as their saloon. It is essential to also consider the accessibility of the Saloon, the design of the shop, the size of the place and the price requested for rent.

1b.  Furniture

The kind of furniture in your saloon matters, your saloon has to look good and make customers feel comfortable. No matter how good the hair is, if the only furniture available to sit on is a stool, I definitely will not go there to have my hair done and i’m certain this is the same with majority of women who do not like discomfort. Clients not only pay for their hair, they pay for comfort. That is why saloons that charge up to NGN 20,000 per hairdo have clients; They are paying for comfort too. You should consider this when planning to Set up a hair saloon in Nigeria.

2. Power Supply

Access to stable power supply is something that you should take into cognizance. An excellent source of power supply is key to the success of your business. You will need constant power supply to run your business; power the driers, tongs, work late at night and so on.  Apart from lack of power supply affecting the business, no one wants to have their hair done somewhere that is extremely hot. You need to have air-conditioning if you can afford it or at the very least a fan. This is a major thing to consider when you plan to Set up a hair saloon in Nigeria

3. Capital

You need money to start and run your business. It is essential for you to determine the specific amount that you need to set up your business. You can create a great checklist by drawing a feasibility study for your business; listing all you need to kick start things. Some critical fund sourcing methods are Bank of Industry, Friends and Family and Banks.

4. Equipment

There are many essential types of equipment you should have when you want to set up a hair saloon in Nigeria. Here are some of them:

a. Hair Dryers

Hair dryers are necessary for your saloon operations. They come in two forms mainly; the one with a stand so the customer can sit under it to get their hair dry, or a small hand-held machine that emits heat at average room temperature or higher. It is used to dry off wet hair. You may have two or more hair dryers depending on the size of your saloon. Click here to view hair dryers.

b. Towels

Large and small sized towels are also necessary. Getting Towels should not be a problem, you can quickly buy towels from the market. Towels are essential to protect the customer’s clothing from getting wet and to dry off wet hair.

c. Combs, brushes, and scissors.

As a hair stylist, your hair brushes and set of combs should be your most priced possessions. These are the tools you will use to get your clients the perfect hairdo. A professional set of combs may be a bit pricey but when you look at durability and quality you know it is worth it. A great pair of scissors is useful for getting the perfect low-cut hairstyles.

You will also need to have good quality shampoos, hair conditioners, other hair treatment products, relaxers, hair creams, combs, brushes, artificial nails, accessories etc.

Do not forget that you need to build a brand too. Click here to find out how.

Do not forget that you have to keep building your clientele list. Click here to find out how.


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