How To Write Any Speech Easily

In this post, we explore some basic tips on how to write any speech easily. You don’t need to follow any complicated steps, just basic rules will guide you to create that outstanding speech.

Writing a speech may seem like a daunting task if you have never done it before but with the right techniques, anyone can write a speech on any topic.

A speech can simply be defined as a formal verbal presentation that is meant to achieve a certain goal.  The purpose of making a speech or writing one is to convince your audience to give their full attention to the information you’re passing across and also convince them to take actions based on the information you are giving to them.

Below are 7 tips to help you effectively write a speech.

1. Briefly introduce yourself

The first thing to do in creating a good speech is to introduce yourself.  See your introduction as an opportunity 

In fact, your introduction is an opportunity to present yourself to your audience or listeners so that they become somewhat familiar with you. Keep your introduction brief, focus on introducing yourself and what you do. Be creative and introduce yourself to your audience with the tone you mean to go on with based on the nature of the gathering. If it’s a formal meeting, ensure you’re formal, if it is a more casual meeting, then go with a more relaxed and friendlier tone.

2. Make a captivating opening statement

The next step on how to write any speech easily is to get the audience’s attention with an opening speech.

It is important to begin your opening speech with a catchy statement.  A good opening statement is slightly brief but uses language techniques to make an immediate impact. To make your opening speech, you can try using some language techniques like a famous quote, a rhetorical question, a surprising statement, etc.

3. Have a structure for your speech

Structuring your speech makes it easier for your audience to understand. The basic way to structure your speech is to split it into three parts namely: the Introduction, main body, and conclusion. Every section is focused on achieving a different purpose.

  • In the Introduction, your aim is to tell your audience who you are and what you’re talking about to get their attention.

  • The main body of your speech is where you make your arguments. Share this main body into 2-3 points, and separate each point into different paragraphs.

  • Finally at the end comes the conclusion. A good conclusion summarizes everything you have said.

4. Start every paragraph with a topic sentence

Dividing your speech into separate paragraphs is important for making it easy for the audience to understand what each paragraph will focus on. To make this possible, ensure that you have topic sentences for each paragraph.

5. Use very good English

One of the most important things about writing a speech is using very good English. You must ensure that your spellings are correct and there are no grammatical errors.

Avoid using long sentences, keep your sentences short and straight to the point,

Most importantly, practice enough in your writing to avoid making mistakes.

6. Express your opinion

Don’t just write about a topic, but share your opinion on what you think about it. Expressing your opinion makes your speech more interesting and you get to pour in a bit of your personality into your work.

Also try making use of personal pronouns when writing, personal details, and anecdotes, figurative language, emotive language, repetition, etc in expressing your opinion.

7. Stay focused on the topic

Finally, throughout your writing, ensure that you stay focused on the topic. Try as much as possible not to deviate from the topic or subject matter.

A good way to avoid deviating is to plan your speech before you begin writing. This takes us back to the structure of your write-up. The structure will help you stay focused on the topic.