Streams of empty promises my lover did buy me,

Lights that darkness penetrates and pierces,

Love so much you lift a ring,

Wrath like lightning you bring.


Emotions so heavy strong men cannot lift,

Eyes so blind they see the truth,

My lover is different every four years,

Each brings me to tears.


Our children are full of nothing but air,

Food is scarce, that bit is clear,

Holed passages that many perish each day,

You lie and say “I will find a way”


My heart cries to my lovers each time,

They all cut me from reaching my prime.

The children are fighting they have guns and bombs in hand,

Your feet never stay on land.


My lover the man who brought the change,

My lover another thief not in a cage,

My lover an old man who has lost his head.

My lover, the one who killed me Nigeria and left her for dead.

Kofoworola George-Taylor

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