It was never meant to be like this,

She was never meant to die,

We were never meant to elect them,

Now she is turning dry,

She was never meant to be this poor,

We have all we need.

Yet she takes from many others,

Even when without need.

How much does she owe you?

How much can you claim?

When all what the parasites do all day is drain.

A million here and a billion there.

Stealing from her without a care.

She was once so beautiful she soared.

Now she can only hoard,

The oil she sold became a taste,

And addiction she forgot all others and could not refrain.

“Help us” her people cry each day.

“Change!” The man afar claimed,

She followed him and was whisked away,

Not to fairytale land but to hell,

The decisions she made she regrets today.

Kofoworola George-Taylor

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