Why should I drink water? What is the importance of drinking water? 80% water is found in human cartilage, located in joints and the disks of the spine, and to lubricate this part of the human body, water is needed. Dehydration could arouse pain in this part of the body.

To release wastes from the body through the bowel, humans need water. Lack of water could arouse indigestion of foods, constipation, and an overly acidic stomach. With this, getting rid of wastes from the body through the bowel becomes difficult.

Saliva aids the digestion of food.  Saliva also prevents the mouth, nose, and eyes from getting dehydrated. However, sufficient intake of water helps the saliva perform its functions to avoid friction and damage.

Dehydration can affect brain structure and function. It is also involved in the production of hormones and neurotransmitters. Prolonged dehydration can lead to problems with thinking and reasoning.

More than 90 percent of water constitutes the blood in the human body, which distributes oxygen to every part of the body. Without
Dehydration during exercise makes it difficult to perform well. Research has revealed that a high intake of water enables high performance in rigorous activities.

Drinking sufficient water prevents the skin from becoming dry and looking pale. One becomes less vulnerable to skin diseases and wrinkling of the skin prematurely.

Water, instead of sodas and sweetened juices, help with weight loss. Drinking water on an empty stomach, early in the morning, or before meals help prevent overheating, thereby giving a sense of being full with a few spoons.

During exercises, water in the middle layers of the skin comes up to the surface of the skin, and when it evaporates, it gives the body a cooler temperature.

In the presence of alcoholic drinks at parties, unsweetened soda water with ice and lemon rather than alcoholic beverages can help avoid alcohol consumption on a high level.

Water is needed to sweat out and flush out wastes through the processes of urine and feces through the bowel. Blood consists more of water. However, sufficient intake of water, which will cause thicker blood, will increase the blood pressure during the circulation of blood in the body.

Minerals and nutrients get dissolved in the water we drink. This makes it easier for the circulation of these nutrients in the body. Dehydration causes suffocation, and air passages are restricted, breathing becomes difficult. Some can say it thereby causes allergies or asthma. Kidneys in human bodies help to regulate fluid in the body. Lack of intake of water arouses internal organ problems like kidney stones.

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