Learning the art of boosting self-confidence is very important in Life. There are so many times in Life when one just feels like giving up, but even at those times, confidence is vital to keep going. If you are in an influential position, confidence is a must; no one will follow a leader who is uncertain of themselves. When an individual lacks confidence, it can seriously affect your ability to put together a good team as a leader to achieve your plans.

Even if you are not a leader, confidence is still essential to be able to work with people. Being confident allows you to make instant connections and build relationships that will help you succeed.

Aside from your workplace, leadership is also crucial for building relationships with people. It can also help you handle conflict and seek out new opportunities ­that will make you grow as an individual.

If you honestly want to boost your self-confidence, you must never allow how you feel affect your Life. The way you see yourself can affect your current mood. You have the power to change your attitude and not be moved by emotions or experiences.

Elistatus has compiled 12 simple tips to help build your overall self- confidence in the workplace, a relationship, and even in your body.



It is quite easy to find confident people based on their body language. People who exude confidence many at times speak clearly and confidently; they maintain eye contact; they don’t seem uneasy or nervous generally.

Developing your body language to show how confident you are is a skill that must be developed over time. It doesn’t happen in one day. The truth is that everyone gets nervous, but there is a way not to show it, and your body language is one of the significant ways.

Do a quick investigation on your body, access your posture, do a check on your breathing. Everyone gets negative feelings from time to time; this can make your disposition also depict your negative feelings. You have the power to control your emotions. Don’t allow your feelings to affect your outward appearance. One of the quickest ways of being more confident is to change your physiology radically.

Want to know how to be confident? Just act like it! Physiology is critical when learning how to boost your confidence. How your outlook appears can affect your overall success.


Another way to boost your self-confidence is by remaining positive and optimistic. You must learn to focus on the positive side of things. Do not allow negative experiences to weigh you down. Instead of focusing on all the ways, something could go wrong, focus on all the ways it could go right.  What you focus on becomes your reality, and that includes what you focus on within your mind. Replace negative words with positive ones and start seeing the bright side of situations. By changing your focus, internally and externally, you’re changing your state. And by changing your state, you’ll improve your Life. Your mind is a powerful tool for your success, and you have the power to use it to your advantage.


Development is always vital for growth. No one ever became successful overnight. We all start from somewhere. A lot of people have this mentality that you can only be confident when you have been hugely successful in some regions of your Life; As though you feed off that confidence to be able to stay confident. This sort of core belief can limit you in a lot of ways. Confidence doesn’t come from your outward achievements; it comes from within you. Being confident means that you understand failure is inevitable, so when you fail in any situation, you get yourself back up and try again instead of giving up. The moment you start taking bold steps toward your goal of being confident, your beliefs will gradually begin to become a reality. Learn to develop a growth mindset and believe that you are learning and getting better with each passing day.


It is easy to tell a lot about one’s level of confidence by merely observing the person’s posture.  Rather than slouching, try to stand upright, Walk briskly, take strides of purpose when you walk. Maintaining a confident posture also affects your mind. Also, take out time to observe others’ posture/physiology to learn more about them. Through seeing the stance of others, you can tell a lot about them and in the workplace, for instance. You can gain an edge during negotiation processes. Some signs, such as body angle and amount of physical space a person occupies, can give you a clue on how the person perceives a situation. When you can understand how a person sees a case, then you can use that to your advantage to persuade them or get them to your side.


People don’t give themselves enough credit these days! No matter how little the achievement is, it is still an achievement. Learn to celebrate your small victories this way; you can also appreciate the bigger ones. For instance, if you made a contribution that accomplished a goal for the company or led to a positive outcome, take credit for your success. This doesn’t mean you should become prideful and start bragging to point it out to your manager or CEO, but the fact is that you did the work and got the results for it.  As long as you state it factually, it won’t just make you look good; it will make you feel good too. When you are happy about what you have achieved, you will become more confident in yourself, and this brings more motivation to do more.


visualize your goals from a positive perspective. Never look at your plans or goals as something that will fail. As long as it is a good goal you want to achieve, see yourself accomplishing that goal no matter the current level you are in. This in turn helps to increase one’s confidence.


Do your possible best always to appreciate yourself. Appreciate your life, health, and looks. When you take a minute to enjoy all the things good health and the gift of Life overall has done for you, Life will always be a gift and never a burden. Appreciate how you look, love your body. Even if you may be trying to lose, gain, or just maintain your weight, enjoy your body at its current state even as you progress. When you love your body now, you will love it even more by the time you have reached your goals. Practicing gratitude is the key to living a happy life. Gratitude motivates you to keep ongoing.


Talking to yourself works in two ways; you can speak to yourself in your mind or outwardly confess positive words to yourself.  Speaking to yourself has a strong effect on your level of confidence. When you are thinking negatively about yourself, replace the thought with something you like about yourself. Learn to have daily affirmations, speak out to yourself daily about the positives of your Life and what you would like to achieve. Learn to repeat the kind words you speak to yourself daily. Repetition has a way of making thoughts or words outspoken become a reality; this, in turn, builds your confidence.


Living in the present is one of the biggest challenges of today’s fast-paced,  technologically advancing world. But when you live in the present, you appreciate what you have without worrying about what happened yesterday or what’s going to happen tomorrow. Let your mind be free, and you will surely improve your confidence.


Whenever you are nervous or feeling unsure about an upcoming situation, a good tip is to visualize a recent accomplishment or an outcome of the experience that got you excited. Learning to be more confident has a way of making you forget the past moments in your Life that got you excited. Try as much as possible to relive those moments; doing that can make you relaxed and focused on the goal ahead.


A great way to boost your confidence is to maintain eye contact when talking to people.  Keeping your gaze fixed on someone when talking to them exhibits boldness.  Eye contact also has a way of strengthening relationships.  It is one of the quickest ways to exude confidence when you meet new people.

Pro tip: Try not to continually look at someone throughout a conversation, so the person doesn’t feel uncomfortable. Shift your gaze for a few seconds from time to time before maintaining eye contact again.


One of the most profound ways to increase confidence is to connect to your inner power. All of us have the strength within us, but when we are feeling a bit under the weather, it can be easy to forget. Consider developing your power pose and breathing deeply to reconnect to your strong core. Your power posture can be standing with your hands on your hips or simply holding with your head facing forward and your back straight.

The primary thing is that your pose sends a powerful message about your level of confidence.

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