What is passion?

What are you passionate about and why is it important to work somewhere you are passionate about the work?

To begin, passion (to me) means having an interest in what you do. When you are passionate about something you are invested in it physically, emotionally and mentally.

Whenever I am faced with a new challenge at work people usually ask me how I stay positive. My secret is… I am passionate about my work, are you? When choosing companies to work with, I only send applications to companies where their goal are aligned with mine.

Something I have always been passionate about is helping other people, so I started working in customer service. It has been a bumpy ride since then. Each day has been new learning experience for me. The more I learn the more I realize I never knew anything to begin with.

That is the thing about life, you have to be willing to learn and become more open to criticism. When I am criticized constructively I write down what I need to improve in. I try to make a mental note of it and then I try to find ways to improve on that.

Now you may be thinking, “Kofoworola this economy is hard. What do you mean I should get a job? Are you asking me to quit my job???” Well no, I will not ask you to quit immediately. However if you want to be hired in the profession of your choice you cannot just wait for it to happen.

Take action!

“How?!” You may ask? How can you get noticed? What will draw the attention of people in the professional you would like to get into?

The truth is that there is no easy way. If you sit there expecting me to give you an easy fix it all solution. However if you want to make it big and become the better version of yourself. These tips may be the right thing for you.

I studied Insurance and I had no clue what customer service operatives did. I knew nothing about excel or zendesk. So the first thing I did was to learn. Yes, I learnt. You have to learn about the software in place in your profession of choice. Learn about the new discoveries. Immerse yourself in knowledge because knowledge is power.

The second thing is, only you can hold yourself back! If you are not where you want to be it is because you have not let yourself be where you want to be. How can you make it in life, if all you do is stay stagnant? Einstein said the definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over and expecting new results.

If you have been doing the same thing everyday, all your career and you think something new will pop up. You are wasting your time! To be extraordinary you have to be extra.

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