EliStatus will teach you how to cover your bag with Ankara for either reuse or for sale. You can ask people for slightly worn out bags and sell them at a higher price with this tactic.


  • A bag
  • Fabric
  • Glue (PVA/White glue and super glue)
  • Scissors
  • Knife


  • To make your work to look more professional (Cover your bag with Ankara fabric), remove the clasp of the bag which will be replaced at the latter end of the process.
  • Taking note of the symmetry or design that your fabric or Ankara has, cut sufficient fabric to cover the bag, be sure to leave out at least two inches extra.
  • If you can cut open the bag, you should. This is to conceal the fabric inside the cut part of the bag.
  • Straighten the fabric on a smooth surface and place the bag on it.
  • Starting with the front side of the bag, spread the glue generously on the bag and attach the fabric to the bag. Ensure you smoothen the fabric on the bag to prevent any form of wrinkling.
  • Insert the fabric into the part of the bag that you cut initially and seal with the glue.
  • Flip the bag to the other side, apply the glue generously and attach the fabric to the bag, still smoothening the fabric to prevent wrinkles.
  • Cut open the lid of the bag if you can, apply the glue and insert the fabric. Seal with glue when this is done.
  • For the side, cut the fabric left out from the front and back of the bag, vertically. Apply the glue, fold in the edges of the fabric and attach the fabric.
  • Then insert the clasp back. Make sure to attach whatever was removed at the beginning of the process.

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