Give an immediate response.

When a client gives a complaint, ensure you provide an immediate response. Note that not every customer is patient and to avoid escalating issues, learn to provide quick responses to clients. You might not answer right away but acknowledge the fact that you have seen the customers complaints. Assure the client of responding as soon as possible. You should also make the customer aware of when your answer should be expected. Mind the time frame, don’t give the time that isn’t feasible.

Acknowledge Mistakes

Your consumers are aware of the fact that there is nothing like ‘perfection’ in business. Rather than hide the mistakes made, own up to them. Apologizing to customers publicly and genuinely makes you look more responsible for such, and it makes the customer discontinue blaming your company for whatever happened. Be transparent, honest and sincere in your apologies. Afterward, you should focus on creating a solution to fix customers complaints.

Engage in offline conversations.

Communications done online is seen by the public, and in a situation when one is dealing with negative comments, others might come in. At times like this, make sure to take the conversation offline and resolve the issue on a physical ground. With this, the problem will be prevented from escalating.

Responses should be personalized.

Customers give complaints when they want you to resolve their problem and sending an automatic response would positively not resolve such complaints. To the customer, you haven’t placed him or her on the value they are worth. Best you can do is acknowledge and promise to get back to the customer as soon as possible.

Don’t Personalize.

Dealing with negative comments, you should as much as possible do away with personalizing the issue. The customer isn’t angry with you, rather the mess they are in. Therefore, you should be calm resolving this and don’t take such comments personally and don’t give aggressive answers.

Go Extra Mile

Not being able to get the information needed from the company makes customers give negative feedback about the company. Note that you don’t have to have all the answers. You should be sincere about this; telling your customer, you have no clue about this. This increases the trust the customer has for you and reduces customers complaints.

Follow Up

When a response has been given to proffer a solution to a problem, don’t just assume it is over. Ensure to follow up on the complaint to get the customer satisfied, to get what they want. Such personal approach enables the customers to know how much you value them and prioritize their needs.

Don’t Erase Negative Comments

When you delete negative social media, comments don’t mean they are permanently erased. When you do, you seem to be creating more problems cause your customers will continue to comment and vent their frustration until you acknowledge whatever problem they have. Avoid being rude to any of your customers.


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