How Nigerians Can Get a Visa to Tunisia

Learn how Nigerians can get a visa to Tunisia in this article. We cover all the necessary information needed to procure a visa to Tunisia.

About Tunisia

Tunisia is a country in Northern Africa with a Mediterranean Sea coastline in the very center of Mediterranean Africa. Its capital Tunis hosts the Bardo Museum, which has archaeological exhibits from Roman mosaics to Islamic art. Tunisia is located close to the south of Italy and Malta. Libya borders it to the south-east, while Algeria lies to the west. The Tunisian dinar is its official currency, and its official language is Arabic.

Types of Tunisian Visa

Several visa types can be granted to Nigerians who seek to travel to Tunisia, depending on the reason for traveling.

Here is a list of visa types available for approval at the Tunisian embassy.

  1. Visit visa
  2. Business visa
  3. Transit visa
  4. Study visa
  5. Work Visa

Where to Go

Embassy of the Republic of Tunisia

11, Kainji Street, Off Lake Chad Crescent, Maitama, Abuja

Tel: +234 9 4132966-7;

Fax: +234 9 4132668

Email: [email protected]


If traveling to Tunisia for business is on your to-do list, you would need the following documents for your application.

  1. One fully completed and signed Tunisian Visa application form.
  2. An original passport and one photocopy of the information page. The passport should be valid for six months beyond stay and with at least one blank passport page available for visa stamp(s).
  3. Passport photograph with a plain/light background.
  4. One copy of the original valid visa if you are a foreigner.
  5. A Letter from your employer or guarantor organization is necessary. The letter must indicate the applicant’s employment status and the purpose of their visit to Tunisia.
  6. Trade register extract or the like (for self-employed).
  7. Current bank statement and for the latest six months
  8. An original invitation letter from the company inviting the applicant is necessary. The invitation must provide information regarding the nature of the business to be conducted, travel data, name, passport phone number of the invitee.
  9. There must be evidence of sufficient financial means for the period of stay in Tunisia.
  10. Flight schedule containing the dates and flight numbers. It must also specify entry and exit from Tunisia.
  11. Evidence of accommodation/hotel reservation for the duration of the intended stay in Tunisia.
  12. Proof of group travel
  13. Visa fees for Tunisian visa

For further inquiries, please contact or visit the Tunisian embassy here in Nigeria.


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