Knowing how to be a good employee is crucial if you intend to add value to your workplace. There is a difference between being available and being useful; your presence should be felt at your place of work such that the company will be afraid to lose you as an employee.

It is not always about just working to earn a salary but working to help the business grow and also improving yourself in that line of work. To become a priceless employee requires hard work, dedication, passion, commitment, organization, humility, teachability and sacrifice.

Here are some tips on how to be a good employee.

Be professional

Professionalism is paramount for any business. As an employee, you must maintain a professional standard when carrying out your duties. There is time for everything, and so when the time comes for you to be serious, that is not the time to joke around. The primary purpose of the workplace is to do the work you have been assigned to do so as an employee; you must learn to draw the line and be professional in doing your job.

Seek excellence in your job

No matter the kind of job that you do ensure that you are good at it. There is no excuse for laziness, desire to grow and work towards that growth if you genuinely want to add value as an employee. There will always be a difference between someone who has advanced knowledge of something and someone who has basic knowledge.

Work Hard

Working hard goes beyond just showing up at work, doing the work and going home afterwards. These days showing up and doing only the job assigned to you may not be enough. A good employee must understand that sometimes he or she may need to make sacrifices, close later than usual, work harder than usual, be very proactive and multitask. It may be difficult at the first instance, but be consistent, and indeed your hard work will pay off.

Provide solutions

Rather than complain when problems are faced, be that employee that suggests solutions. A lot of supervisors love a positive attitude. When you are presenting a problem to your boss, remember to go with at least one suggestion to solve the problem, the worst that can happen is that your boss won’t like your suggestion, but on the bright side, you have presented yourself as a problem solver.  Learn to have a balance when it comes to your private life and work, don’t be that employee that allows lives situations affect the quality of their work; this is another way to show professionalism.

Be Relatable

Being relatable with some of the individuals who work with you is usually a positive element in job satisfaction. Ensure that you are friendly and approachable, ensure that you make friends with people who are as hardworking and focused as you are. Great friends who share the same values as you can motivate you to work harder and be more productive.

Volunteer for new tasks

It doesn’t matter if you are volunteering to learn a new skill or to be on the bosses right side. Volunteering to carry out any additional work and take on responsibilities can lead to greater job satisfaction. It can also lead to better work performance and sometimes a new direction for your career.

Be Time conscious

No matter what try to always be on time and if you are going to be late at all, pre-inform your boss. Going to work on Time shows how organized and serious-minded you are. you will encourage your co-workers to be on time. Being time conscious is one of the best ways to show that you are a good employee.

Be Humble

Someone humble enough to admit their mistakes and takes responsibility is someone that should be valued. Of course, you should avoid errors as much as possible, but when you do make a mistake, admit your faults and work on correcting that mistake. Also, learn to be honest when you lack understanding in some area, it is not possible to know everything, we are all learning and growing. So ensure that you humble yourself enough to learn from anyone at your workplace, whether young or old. Don’t think too highly of yourself than you ought to.

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