Anyone who intends to own a business or employ people should learn how to be a good employer. Having the right relationship with your employees will determine how far the company will go. A lousy employer will always result in bad employees.

As an employer, you have to try your possible best to create a comfortable working environment for your employees.

1. Communicate with your workers

Whether the company is a startup or already exists, an employer should always keep his or her employees well informed about company performance and goals. Being unaware of how well the business is doing can be discouraging. Communicating effectively with your employees makes them feel like they matter, and most times, it encourages them to put in their best because they see their boss sees them as part of the team.

2. Flexibility

An employer’s ability to be flexible doesn’t just have to do with an employee calling in to request permission to go for treatment at the last minute or has to leave early due to an emergency Today, thankfully, technology has evolved. So there should also be the option of working from home.

3. Show dedication

An employer must show that he or she is dedicated to the company. A dedicated employer will produce dedicated employees.

4. Don’tDon’t overwork yourself and your employees

Employers should understand that balance is everything; there should always be time to rest. Do not expect employees to do more than what was perhaps stated in their contract. As much as the employer is passionate about the business, he or she should also realize that stressing and overworking employees will lead to stress and frustration, and low productivity.

5. Have foresight

Employers should not only focus on how the business is currently faring, but they should also be structuring a well-organized and achievable plan for the future.

6. Be open to new ideas

An employer should be open to new ideas and not just be overly critical and dismissive of employees suggestions. Employees if given the opportunity would love to suggest ideas that will help the growth and development of the business. But if an employer isn’t open to new ideas, the company’s ability to remain relevant and reach its full potential could be at risk.

7. Appreciate employees achievements

A good employer should recognize an employees accomplishments or advise them on how to improve on the areas that require growth. Otherwise, the motivation to work will diminish. A good employer should review employees work, give feedback, and acknowledge the employee’s hard work along the way. This shows that as an employer, you care about the growth of your employees.

8. Encourage a Positive Work Environment

The type of work environment is essential and will determine the quality of work an employee will present. Always bear in mind that an employer spends more time with the people at the workplace than with anyone else, so a negative or hostile work environment will make employees feel anxious and alienated.

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