How to know if a girl has feelings for you

In this post, we explore 6 sure ways to know if a girl has feelings for you and wants to be in a relationship with you, no matter how hard she tries to hide it.

We live in a world where a lot of people tend to hide their feelings so trying to figure out if a girl has feelings for you may seem difficult.

It can be quite frustrating especially when you are interested in her but you are uncertain if the feelings are mutual.

Some people are just friendly and so it would not be safe to misinterpret those friendly gestures as something more.

However, a lady may just be hiding the fact that she likes you. But we share some clear signs in this post that will expose the ladys’ true intentions towards you, so keep reading.

6 Signs to know if a girl has feelings for you

1) She steals glances at you.

One of the clear signs that shows a girl has feelings for you is that she would often stare at you when you aren’t looking.  You may notice sometimes, perhaps in a public place that she may just be looking at you and when you look back, she looks away.

The lady is simply admiring you and is taking her time to observe all your good features so you may want to look into that sign.

2)  The switch from hot to cold

Another sign that a girl may have feelings for you is when she switches from hot to cold in her behavior towards you. For instance, you and the lady arrive early to a party and you both seem to be getting along, talking, her body language is very welcoming, but all of a sudden the other guests arrive and she suddenly switches, the conversation isn’t the same as before.

This is a clear signal for most ladies if they’re interested in you.

3) She is open about some things

A girl who likes you will open up to you about many details of her life because she wants to create a bond with you, but when it comes to talking about her love life, there’s suddenly nothing or not a lot to say.  She may avoid the question about her love life or turn it over to you.

But here’s the thing, if she is giving you random answers about how she’s waiting for the right person or doesn’t want to give details about who she likes, the chances are, she’s interested in you.

So that’s something to take note of despite how annoying that may be. Girls don’t always like to spell out their feelings, they would rather drop hints at times because they want the man to figure it out, take the bold steps, and make the first move.

4) She will send you private messages via social media

A lot of people feel like they may mess up their face-to-face meeting with anyone they like, so social media is a great way to take your time, express your feelings and present a better version of yourself.

That being said, if a lady likes you, she will send you private messages may be commenting on your posts, share funny memes with you, etc.

Take advantage of the DMS and flirt a little to find out if there’s more to the hints she’s dropping in the DMs.

5) She will try to get close to you

This sign is very obvious and at this point, you would know she’s not even hiding. If a girl likes you, she’ll try to get closer to you. Notice how she will always end up sitting next to you in group conversations, she is suddenly more available because of her change in routine.

Take note of these signs because it is a clear sign that she want’s to be approached and she’s tired of hiding it.

6) She asks you to do something alone

When a girl asks you to do something alone, that is literally the most obvious sign that she likes you. Unless you are in a platonic friendship but if a girl always wants to spend time with you, it means she trusts you and enjoys your company.

When a lady wants to spend time with you, she is also giving you the opportunity to express your feelings to her because it would just be the both of you.

So even if you miss all the other signs, this one is the most obvious and you should not allow the opportunity pass you by if you are interested in the lady.

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