How to know if a guy likes you easily

In this post, we share some obvious signs on how to know if a guy likes you easily. These signs are guaranteed to help you find out if that guy has a crush on you.

Men are usually quite forward about their feelings, but it is vital to pay attention to the message he is passing across to determine exactly what type of relationship he wants from you.

6 signs on how to know if a guy likes you easily

1) Notice his facial expressions

The first and most obvious way to know if a guy likes you easily is to observe his facial expressions when he is talking to you.

Pay attention to if his pupil dilates when he’s talking to you, if he smiles, licks his lips, raises his eyebrows, etc. These are obvious facial expressions that may prove he likes you.

2) His body language

If you notice that his body movements and gestures seem to be quite overly expressive and in a way that it draws a lot of attention to himself, then he is probably telling you something.

Pay close attention to how he makes himself look strong and masculine with his gestures. He wants you to see him in an approachable and non-threatening way.

3) He listens to you

When a guy is interested in you, you will notice that he listens to you without any form of interruptions or distractions no matter what you’re talking about.

Further more, if he can recall some details of your past conversations, then he’s definitely interested in you.

4) Compliments

Another way a man will let you know he is interested in you is by giving you compliments at any opportunity he gets.  But pay attention to the compliments he gives.

Though a physical compliment is an obvious sign, also pay attention to the emotional compliments he gives you about your kindness, sincerity, sense of humour, etc.

This is a mans way of going beyond the superficial and actually letting you know that he likes you as a person.

5) He makes plans to spend time with you

When a man has feelings for you, he will surely make plans to spend quality time with you. He uses that as an opportunity to create a stronger bond with you and hopefully open up about his feelings to you.

6) He introduces you to his friends and family

This is a huge one because he wants to know how well you relate with his friends and family to determine if he would want to get into a relationship with you.

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