How to make an Ankara iPad Pouch

Learn how to make your customized Ankara pouch for your iPad and other tablets. This accessory is sure to give your gadgets a perfect and unique look. Follow these simple steps on Elistatus to make your own beautiful Ankara iPad pouch.

Materials Needed

  1. A large piece of leather material
  2. 3 different pieces of Ankara fabric
  3. Pieces of carton material
  4. 12 inches of non-synthetic snaps
  5. Transparent binding cover
  6. Fabric-friendly glue
  7. A pair of scissors
  8. Measuring tape
  9. Ruler (optional)
  10. Marker
  11. Matching thread and needle
  12. Sewing machine


  • First, attach one piece of Ankara fabric to the leather material. Simply fold the Ankara fabric vertically into two equal parts. Place the Ankara piece at the centre of the leather. Hold it down using the pins.
  • Next, join the leather to the Ankara fabric.
  • Place the Ankara fabric, leather piece and the gum interfacing together; one on top of the other. Stitch the sides of the 3 materials together; leaving about 2 and half inches of the stitches undone. Turn the pouch inside-out through the unstitched hole.
  • Line the pouch by stitching the area around the end of the pouch. Next, cut out 2 inches of the non-synthetic snaps and attach them to the top and the bottom of the pouch.
  • Mark out the measurement of your iPad case on the transparent binding. Add 2 more inches to the marked out measurements.  Cut out a piece of the Ankara fabric then stitch it to the top and the bottom of the transparent binding. Attach the top and bottom of the cover to the pouch.
  • Now, make the pouch stand. Simply cut out a long piece of Ankara fabric and a piece of carton. Both materials should be the same size. Fold the fabric into two equal parts and stitch both sides. Leave some parts of the fabric unstitched.
  • Fold the carton and place it inside the sewn fabric. Place it at the back of the leather pouch and join both together.

There! Your beautiful Ankara iPad pouch is ready for use.


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