Learn how to make a simple DIY chicken pepper soup in the comfort of your home. 

If you have some chicken in your fridge, and you want to try something new? You can try this simple DIY chicken pepper soup recipe. Chicken happens to be the main ingredient, but you will also need another ingredient that gives the meal its popular taste. 

Pepper soup spice is the second main ingredient, and different brands are being sold in various grocery stores. The best way to know if you are getting a good one is from its smell. If you have ever had pepper soup before, you would know the smell of the spice used for making any kind of pepper soup.

The recipe requires little to no effort, the main ingredient is chicken, and you can modify it however you like. 

You can choose to adjust the number of ingredients to suit the number of people you serve. 

Here is the recipe for making chicken pepper soup below:


– 6 Soft chicken pieces

– 2 tablespoons pepper-soup spice

– 1 tatashe (chili red bell pepper)

– 3 scotch bonnet peppers (atarodo)

– 1 onion bulb

– 3 garlic cloves

– 1/2 tablespoon chili pepper

– 2 seasoning cubes

– 1/2 tablespoon crayfish

– Chopped scent leaves (efinrin)

– 6 cups water

– Salt to taste

  1.  Wash your chicken pieces and transfer to a pot on medium heat.
  2. Blend your tatashe (chili red bell pepper) and scotch bonnet peppers (atarodo). Pour the paste into the chicken as well.
  3. Add in your seasoning cubes, crayfish powder, chili powder, and salt to taste.
  4. Pour in some water; this will be the base for the soup.
  5. Close the pot and leave to cook for about 25 mins or till the chicken is tender.
  6. While the chicken cooks, chop up some saint leaves.
  7. Once the chicken is tender, the water should have reduced. 
  8. Add in another tablespoon of pepper soup spices and stir.
  9. Allow the meal to cook for another 5 mins.
  10. Finally, add in the chopped saint leaves and take the pot off the heat.

Your meal is ready!

Chicken pepper soup can be served with cooked white Rice, Agidi, Yam, Plantain, and Potatoes.

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