How to make scented candles at home

In this post, we explore how to make scented candles at home. It’s a great DIY skill to learn because scented candles are perfect for aromatic therapy.

According to research, scented candles are beneficial because they release hormones like serotonin and dopamine which help to regulate one’s mood. Based on that context, our emotional state can be influenced by the relationship that exists between scents, memories, and emotions.

Scented candles are a great budget-friendly gift that can be presented to friends and family. You can equally choose to go into the business of making and selling scented candles.

So if you are interested in learning this unique skill, then keep reading.

Items needed

  • A heat resistant jar or tin can
  • Your choice of fragrance or essential oils
  • Kitchen thermometer
  • Candlewick holder (optional)
  • Candle wicks or threads
  • Candlewick sticker (optional)
  • Pot for melting the candle wax.
  • Soy wax flakes
  • Food scale


  • Open the jar or tin for storing the candle to assemble your candlewick.
  • Attach the sticker to the bottom of the wick.
  • Place the sticker connected to the candle wick at the bottom of the container. (You can choose to use super glue rather than the sticker.
  • After placing your candle wick in the jars, measure your wax to know how much will be needed for your container.
  • Please note: for every one pound of wax, you will need one ounce of fragrance oil. The usual amount to use is 6% or 1 ounce per pound of wax.
  • Using the double boiler method, place some water into a big pot and place a pot for melting the candle wax into the water. Be careful not to allow water to get into the wax.
  • Attach the candlewick holder to the candle wick while waiting for the wax to melt.
  • Gently stir the wax until it is melted completely.
  • Check the temperature, it should heat up to about 185 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Once the wax has reached the required temperature, remove it from the heat.
  • Stir and allow the wax cool to 160 degrees
  • Once it cools to 160 degrees, add in your fragrance or essential oils
  • Stir the wax again and let it cool to about 100-80 degrees before pouring it into a container.
  • pour the wax into your jar or container once it has cooled
  • Allow the candle to cool at room temperature for at least 24 hours before lighting it.
  • Your scented candle is ready.

When presenting the candles as a gift, it would make the gift extra special when you print out the person’s name and attach it to the jar or tin containing the scented wax.

Please watch the video below for a clearer step-by-step process.


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