One thing ladies can not leave behind is their hand bag. Although there are unnecessary things we have in our bags, there are some things we must have in our bags these are:

  • Hand Sanitizer: Every lady should have a bottle of sanitizer to protect yourself from germs, especially when you get in contact with a lot of people every day.
  • Lipgloss/Lip balm: To prevent cracked or parched lips.
  • Sticky notes and a pen: Just in case you might need to write an essential or urgent note.
  • Sanitary towels/tampons: Monthly flows sometimes come unannounced, and these should never leave a lady’s bag. If you do not need it then, perhaps a friend or stranger may be in need of one.
  • Tissue/wipes/handkerchief or small face towels: To avoid looking all sweaty and dirty. Besides this could be handy in case you spill a drink, or catch the flu, or wipe off smeared makeup.
  • Light make-up: This could be your brown powder and a lip balm or lipstick just in case of unplanned events.
  • Pocket brushes/combs: Going around with untidy hair is not ladylike. To avoid this, there should either be a comb or brush in your bag.
  • Mint gum: Gum can help to stay awake when tired at work or bored in a class and could be of help to prevent bad breath.
  • Small perfume bottle: This is to prevent sweaty odor especially after a long day.
  • Safety pins: This could help hold your clothes together when you lose a button or have a rip.
  • Shower cap: This ensures that your hair never gets wet. The weather is something no one has control over. That doesn’t mean you can not prepare against bad weather.
  • Simple aspirin: Going through a hard day could sometimes warrant a headache. Painkillers can soothe a headache, body pains or horrible menstrual cramps.
  • Small, handy umbrellas: An umbrella would save you from getting wet when rain falls unexpectedly.
  • Bobby pins, hair band: Sometimes the heat can become unbearable and this item can be the difference between matte horrible weave-on and fabulous flowing hair. Rather than allow your hair get messed up by sweat it is better to use a bobby pin to hold up your hair.
  • Hand/Body cream and lotion: This is extremely useful during harmattan and definitely when it is not harmattan season.
  • Sunglasses: Sunglasses helps protect your eyes when its sunny and definitely for fashion as well.
  • Business cards: Business cards are essential, why? Because you never know who you would meet. You always have your business cards in your handbag, no matter your hustle. Advertise it loud and proud.
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