We live in a world where numerous individuals tend to be overly ambitious and would even go through some incriminating means to feed their ambition; these individuals have simply not learnt the art of contentment.

There is nothing wrong with being goal-oriented or loving to challenge yourself to be better. Still, when it gets to the point that it becomes an insatiable appetite to get things just to rub it on peoples faces or walk all over people, this becomes being overly ambitious, Such behaviour can be destructive in the long run.

According to the great philosopher Aristotle “Happiness is self-contentedness.” As human beings, we will always try to improve ourselves and be better at whatever we involve ourselves in. Still, we also need to learn to be happy with whatever position we find ourselves. Contentment comes into play when you understand life is a process, and the fact that you may not have gotten to where you want to be at the moment doesn’t make you any less of an individual.

Contentment isn’t always automatic, certain things people expose themselves to can make them overly ambitious. Based on that context, contentment can be learned.

Without wasting any more time, here are five basic ways to learn the art of contentment.


In learning the art of contentment, you must always question your motifs for wanting certain things. Did you suddenly start pressuring yourself to get a car just cause a close friend of yours got a car knowing full well that you aren’t financially buoyant enough to get a car? If you are someone who is easily moved by what other people have, then it’s time to check your motifs. Whenever you want something, ask your self if it is a necessity and ask you self what drove you to want that thing.


Another way to learn the art of contentment is to choose to remain happy no matter what.  Many people see “contentedness” and “happiness” as the same. In a lot of ways, they are, but it boils down to focus.  When you are happy, it is a state of being that is as a result of numerous factors of which contentedness is part.

Contentedness, on the other hand, is majorly about being satisfied with what you currently have. It focuses on what you have and don’t have rather than just being a state of being. When you are content, it influences happiness. You can choose to be satisfied and happy at the same time, but surely when you are content, you will be satisfied.

So do what makes you happy and choose to remain satisfied, no matter what. Never allow lives situations to take your happiness away. You are never defined by what you pass through, you are who you are, and no one can take that away from you unless you allow it.


Contentedness is at the centre of simplicity. The focus here is to be content with less. Be satisfied with a simpler lifestyle, instead of always wanting more, still trying to acquire more, and you end up never being content. Now there is nothing wrong with wanting things, but when it comes to opting for a simpler lifestyle, you must always question why you want what you want. It is better and less stressful to live a simpler lifestyle than a complicated one.

Learn to enjoy the simple things of life. It could be something as simple as quality time with loved ones, but appreciate the things a lot of people take for granted.


Mastering the art of contentment requires that you be grateful for what you have at the moment. When you find yourself being unhappy for certain things you don’t have, sit down and appreciate the things you do have and be grateful for them. There are things you have that others need, so be thankful for what you have. Gratitude makes one less covetous and creates a sense of value for the little you may have.


You will always feel better about yourself and your life when you show people you love them. It’s fine to be appreciative but also take the step to show that love. Give hugs, gifts, compliments, be supportive. There will always be a feeling of fulfilment when you show appreciation to the people you claim to love. Be content with the people who have been useful to you even in the tiniest ways.

Learn to honour and value relationships because it is majorly men that help men reach their goals. No man is an Island, so be deliberate about your relationships with people and make efforts to show the special people in your life that you love them.

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